Samsung A71 5G Network Issues

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So I bought a new samsung a71 5g from the tmobile store almost 2 weeks ago. Love the phone overall but the signal is getting me under 3mbps download and maybe 5mbps upload speeds in places by old phone was pushing 30mbps. Also the wifi calls drop all the time and then data service goes in and out. Here is a photo showing full 4g bars at Ontario airport for example and there is no network connection. Is this a known issue for this model, is there a fix coming? I am about to return the phone to the store honestly.



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FORGET IT  . . . T-Mobile does not CARE that the A71 does not work!!!  I spent countless hours troubleshooting, getting my phone replaced, having rude and unprofessional store clerks and clueless Customer Care Technicians waste hours and hours of my time. Bottom line, new phone I received is doing the exact same thing the old phone did the minute the T Mobile update was installed. 



     If you DO Install the T Mobile Update . . . . . 

1 - Set Network to LTE\3\2 G and live with it.

2 - Restart the phone often resolves lost network\connection issues. 

These are the only 2 things that work. Don’t waste your time asking for help, they can not fix this issue and they don’t care. They will do nothing for you. Be kind to yourself and accept the fact that we got robbed buying the A71. 

You are correct,  the new phone was already updated and does the same thing. 5g gets .2mbps download and shows my location over 800 miles away from where I actually am. Switching to LTE is faster, but I bought the phone for 5g capability and they damn well better provide me a high quality phone that gives me that and can actually locate me as Clearwater, Florida instead of Charlotte, NC or New Orleans, LA or even as far away as Los Angeles, Ca. Anytime I go to a merchant website it sees me all over the place except where I am. 

I have been a customer since they were Voicestream Wireless over 20 years now and never had a problem till I bought this POS phone that they would not take back. Very frustrating to say the least.

I'm sure that they do not want me to back bill them for the 100+ hours that I have spent with useless techs in the Phillipines. I do have one tech that I am waiting on talking to, she may have a solution.

There is no solution - I bought into the 5G hype like everyone else. T-Mobile has no intention of assisting you in any way, your wasting your time and life thinking for a minute they do not know full well that they sold us a service and a product that does not work as it was intended or advertised. 

If your looking into a beneficial  solution, I suggest you Google the pending Class Action lawsuits being filed by many attorneys and law firms across the USA. It’s called False Advertisement and breech of contract. They have broken the law by selling you a service attached to a worthless instrument. 

If you want to spend your time, looking for a solution to the issue, look up the meaning my last statement. There is value in it and unfortunately, it is the only one your going to find. T Mobile has no intention of fixing anything. They got their money and bill you every month. That is the breath and limit of their interest in their customer. PERIOD.        

I found a solution. I returned the phone and it was credited back to my account so I bought an LG Velvet 5g. Went from 0.2mbps to 851 mbps. The problem is within the T-Mobile firmware. The drivers do not allow the phone to receive all 4 channels on the 5g spectrum therefore you are left with a very slow 1 channel antenna in all of the Samsung 5g phones.


Good Luck!

My wife and I both got this phone, mine works ok, some dropped call and small issues with wifi calling, my wife's phone is horrible won't connect, drops calls, wifi calling sucks. Even right next to each other here is much worse, replaced once no good solution from t-mobile.  Recommend staying away from this one, too bad it's a nice phone for the price!  T-mobile needs to step up and replace or fix the problem!!

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samsung phones are loaded up full of their crapware apps. i would never  ever buy or recommend a samsung phone even to my worst enemy. 

i can also tell you from personal experience thst unlocked versions have far less issues no matter what brand of phone. i suspect that carriers write poorly altered versions of software.

plus  there is a delay of weeks or months getting updates on carrier versions , as compared to unlocked ones.

I have the same problem with my Samsung galaxy a71 5g

I would like to know  when t mobile is going to do something  about it. At&t is waiting for me, and no more Samsung. A715g is a piece of shit.i got Rob 600 dollars 

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when would depend on when you contact TMO either through call, Facebook or Twitter..the site here is primarily peer to peer so you wont be getting any info via the site.