samsung s22 ultra white shipping date

  • 19 February 2022
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Does anyone know if the white version of the s22 ultra 512gb is on backorder or something similar? My estimated ship date is now April 22 to May 15,  but my son's black version will be at my door this next Monday it's already at my local UPS. Just a little jealous of him lol, and not excited to maybe have to wait 2 more months for my new phone. Thanks

11 replies

I'm in a similar situation. Was this one order or separate? We ordered 2 on one order and it looks like they will both ship in Apr

I’m sure you’re aware by now that White Galaxy S22 Ultra phones have been back ordered for a lot of people.  Mine says a ship date between 2/28 and 3/14 but I’m still waiting...Did yours ever arrive?


I preorder on feb 18 s22 ultra white 512gb is staying estimated shipment 4/29-5/20 why do I have to wait 3 months?

@Mamabear they are on backorder and ship dates are determined specifically by the color and configuration you ordered.  I ordered the phantom white with 512g on Feb 23. and mine shipped on the last day of the shipping window provided (3/1-3/15).

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supply and demand. there is more demand than there is supply. i know this is not really what you wanted to hear but that is the most honest truth you will receive.


We should get some kind of incentive for waiting  almost three month to get our samsung  s22 ultra white 512gb


Has anyone starting to get their samsung s22 ultra white 512 gb, they charged my card on Monday 3/28, no tracking yet.

I still haven't received my s22 ultra yet



Have they taken the tax money out yet?


Received an email on April 6 that device has shipped, today is the 8th and no tracking number, had to called 611 for tracking number supposedly UPS has not picked the package.  Been waiting for so long I preorder on Feb 18th.

I order  mine in 4/27 with expected  delivery  date April  8 to the 21 still has not delivered  and still says pending  they said it because  

Tony S: As I have checked, you have ordered the new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G 512 GB which is unfortunately on backorder currently and it was expected to be shipped between April 08 - April 22 however there has been an unexpected delay in getting the upcoming stock from the manufacturer reason being your order was not shipped.

Tony S: As per the latest update from our warehouse team, they are currently working with the manufacturer to get an update on the estimate and we will provide you an update on it soon.