Sprint LG V50 phone on T_Mobile

  • 1 October 2020
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Hi, I recently bought a Sprint branded LG V50 which works reasonably well on T-Mobile.  I found out that the phone will no longer work after Jan 2021 because Sprint/T-Mobile is not porting VoLTE and WiFi calling over to the device.  So much for the un-carrier. 

When I called Customer Service, I was told I have to buy a new phone.  I just bought this one.  I do not get why I should have to pay for another phone. Is anyone out there in a similar situation?  Is there a remedy?



7 replies

From my research, the Sprint V50 will cease to work once T-Mobile enforce VoLTE come Jan 2021. Sprint phones do not have T-Mobile VoLTE coding, so they cannot get VoLTE on T-Mobile network. Sprint customers get special offers from T-Mobile to upgrade to S20. But if you buy the Sprint phone on your own, you are stuck. I think that is the reason it is selling at $320.


Thank you.  I ended up getting the S20 FE with a $500 trade in for the V50. All in all, it worked out.  I wish T-Mo had added VoLTE/VoWiFi support for the V50 because it is a great phone, but this will do.

I was able to get a $250 trade in value for my Sprint V50 when switching over to a T-Mobile Pixel 4a 5G today.  

When y'all say the V50 "won't work anymore", you mean it won't connect with 5g, correct?  Otherwise the phone will work fine, but will only connect LTE?

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T-Mobile is requiring devices to use VoLTE to make and receive calls at some point.  This is what they are talking about.  Some Sprint and imported devices along with some other firmware variant devices will no longer work on T-Mobile once that update rolls out to the network.

I'm still confused about this.  I see that the V50 is indeed not on their compatible voLTE list, but this is what it says above that list on their website…

"Ready to take advantage of faster data speeds? Make sure you have one of compatible devices below. Don’t have the device you need? Without a 4G LTE-compatible device on our network, you’ll still have access to voice, text and picture messaging, and internet at up to 2G speeds"

This phone is AWESOME and I got it SUPER discounted AND UNLOCKED on Ebay.  Be sure to get the extra screen, too!


Had some issues at first with MMS and it going to 3G on calls.  Then, I looked into the web and found someone doing a ## something and it reset my network connections and apn FOR ME!!!


Seemed like a basic thing.  It didn't reset my phone, just the network settings and stuff.


My phone sends mms and doesn't do the 3g thing anymore, AND it reset the APN stuff for me.


Love my V50, just wish I could get the sprint flash when i startup.  Lol