T-mobile Revvl 6 5G (error04 DSA error)

  • 26 March 2023
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Anyone know how to fix “error04 DSA error” on a Revvl 6 5G cell?

My phone keeps hanging up on everyone I talk to, since Thursday night.    I rebooted my phone and Verizon modem but I keep getting the same “error04 DSA error”.  It’s not hanging up as much as it was, but still at least once per conversation.  Very frustrating 🤦‍♀️


1 reply

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HI jkoutz, getting an error on every call would drive me up the wall! (haha I rhymed 😁) 

Since you restarted your modem, I assume this error only happens when you are home making calls while connected to wi-fi. Have you gotten the same error message when you are away from home making calls from the store or the park or something like that? Did this error start after downloading a new app, file, or update? Not that the downloaded thing is bad in itself, but sometimes when something new is put on our devices, it causes a wrinkle and we just need to remove that thing and then download it again. On the flip side of that thought, if things are out of date, you can also start to see a variety of different issues. Have you updated your phone recently? I would check for a software update and make sure all of your apps are totally up to date. 

Hope this helps.