Z Fold/Flip 3 Android 12 Update

  • 5 January 2022
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31 replies

solutions provided here are for unlocked devices and people who have sim cards to swap out. so any customer who brought phones financed from t-mobile are screwed ? We are still paying for the phone . this is exactly the reason android devices get a bad rap unlike apple devices .. and all the android enthusiasts are at the mercy of carriers.

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As of January 9th 2022 still no android 12 update nor a response or explanation from t mobile. This is not putting the customer first. This is unacceptable 

the site here is primarily peer to peer..if you are going to get any answer in here it’ll be from another customer..

I have it now too! I’m on the SM-F711U1

Soon these Sim flip workarounds will be useless as they are all heading to esim. My flip 4 is using esim now, apple doesn’t even have a Sim card slot anymore, so everyone is at the mercy of the carrier.

I did upgrade this morning.  But I was very disappointed since still the eSIM is not available with Android 12 on my Galaxy Z Flip3  5G for T-Mobile.  Now I am on One UI version 4.0 with Android 12, but no eSIM capability.

I contacted Samsung tech support and they point finger at T-Mobile.  Amazingly T-Mobile has eSIM turned on for European version but not US version.  I am so fed up with dealing with this issue between Google, Samsung and T-Mobile.  It’s not cool!