Personal SMS messages being censored or “factchecked”

  • 12 July 2021
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I’d like to know in advance if T-Mobile will allow America’s Communist Regime ie Biden/Harris and the Dems to censure my personal SMS text messages? Except they’re calling it “fact checking” which is a joke.

5 replies

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Sad fact is that both sides do it. I live in AZ and have an IL phone number so I get them from 2 states.

Luckily I don’t get them that often now after I replied to one of them not using the word stop.

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Imagine some c.unt in your personal life telling you what is true or not in your daily lives.


How pathetic. These same people cant win an logical argument and get their a** stomped without body guards.

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Imagine career government employees standing over your shoulder 24\7 telling you if what you say is true or not 

Then you give them a fact check; that their “fact checks” are lies or manipulation majority of the time, the sad part is they likely do this on kids too…..after allowing them to choose their gender and sending biological males to biological female prisons so they can have a r*** fest. <<<Yes this is what actually goes on in California at this moment and these are the same people doing those “fact checks”. Propaganda meant for kids. 


I did a shorter comment before but because it had vulgar words I need a moderator to check it, lawl. This is the world we live in now. Where certain people can do whatever they want then try to parent the rest of us when they couldn’t even last a day out here in the real world.

I called them today to try and sort that out myself. The woman I spoke with (Lisa) from Colorado swore to me that T-Mobile would not be taking part in that experiment.. Now we all know the cell carriers are link in some way, so I am taking what she told me just to keep me from blowing up.. I have made it very clear to her today if they do I'll walk in and give there phone back.. I'm an American and my rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED on. And if they are I'll just take part in suing big tech just for shits and grins. 

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I want to know who the hell would think that career politicians would care about little peasants.

All those people got false charity or off-shore bank accounts to hide their financials for a reason.


It is like watching a bunch of children go around destroying everything in the neighborhood then point the finger at someone who was minding their own business or end up telling on each other.