sending text to my cell phone using no longer working?


it no longer works, please assist

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I am also having this issue and opened two tickets, with the latest being escalated.


Thank you for being a valued T-Mobile customer! Trouble Ticket # 75019739 has been opened on your account. Please allow 3 business days for teams to review. Resolution can take longer depending on the issue. 

I have tmobile business lines for all my field service techs and they depend on this messaging to respond and repair to equipment in the field, now they havent gotten any notifications and equipment is down without us knowing.


major issue!

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Same problem using iCloud email. The failure messages go into my junk mail 100% of the time, hours after I sent the original message, so I had to keep an eye out for them.

They generally look like this:

<>: host[]
   said: 452 4.1.0 <> server temporarily unavailable
   AUP#MXRT (in reply to MAIL FROM command)


OR, occasionally:

<>: host[]
   refused to talk to me: 421 cmsmtp too
   many sessions from AUP#CNCT


The ‘17.’ IP address in the 2nd failure is an iCloud server.

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I just posted a response to a similar thread. The spam filters T-Mobile/Cloudfilter is using, are preventing legitimate messages from being delivered, which is a problem. It’s beyond ridiculous now.


🤔Time to start a class action Lawsuit ?

We have been experiencing this issue since June.  Some days it works, other days email is rejected.  We have tried getting messages thru using gmail, aol, outlook - all with the same result.  So far T-Mobile has refused to accept responsibility.  They tried to point to gmail…   Not a gmail issue.  Our alarm system has sent these notifications for years with no problem.  Can’t get anyone to listen to the issue, since you can’t talk with the engineering team, only support help desk.  I have opened a complaint with the BBB and refused to agree to close the ticket until they resolve.  More people should try this route to apply pressure.  

It’s not a gmail issue.  It doesn’t work from my .edu account either.


Doesn't matter what mail or browser it comes from the email to text does NOT WORK !!!!

Very frustrating …. When it does go it states to download and it DOES NOTHING???

Sometime when a picture is sent in the email to text it will go through ????

I see that several people have opened trouble tickets, but I’m unclear on exactly what the fix was as I have now opened 3 tickets with T-Mobile and I’m getting various answers.

The first answer is that email to text support has been discontinued, but I pushed the further and asked how they could be the only carrier that doesn’t support this and there must be a work around.  I was now told they would escalate but to allow 4 days for a response.

I’m asking specifically of those that got it fixed, “What can I tell the rep to do on the T-Mobile side”, do they have to open up specific domains that I can receive email to text from?  

Everything I tell the rep is above their pay grade.



My emails go to text but says download, but doe Not download.  If I add a picture to the email to text it goes through no problem with the picture and the text ?????.

My emails go to text but says download, but doe Not download.  If I add a picture to the email to text it goes through no problem with the picture and the text ?????.

Great find!  It also works for me with a picture, go figure!


Ya find that very weird…yet they say there are NO Issues ????????

I went into Spam & Blocked in my Messages app and I saw my test message there. Looks like the messages from this one sending address were going there for the past six months and I didn’t notice till today. Not sure what happened six months ago that caused this to get marked a spam/blocked on my device.