Setting up iPhone Visual Voicemail on T-Mobile Connect

  • 24 September 2020
  • 3 replies



Is visual voicemail available on T-Mobile Connect?


Trying to set it up from my iPhone and I get this error after putting in a 4 digit passcode:


“Voicemail Unavailable. Could Not Authorize Access”


I was able to set up voicemail by pressing “1” but can’t get visual voicemail to work.

3 replies

Same here. Moved # I’ve had (first on Sprint, then Verizon, now T-Mobile) over to a post-paid account last weekend. Can’t get VM to work. Same as you, entered multi-digit password in Apple’s Visual Voicemail but that went nowhere but an error “Not at This Time”.

Earlier, on a chat session w/ T-Mobile ‘expert’ their answer was to go to Apple’s support website, which led me back to T-Mobile’s for answers….

Man I sure hope I can get this resolved today. With all the SPAM calls I get because of the upcoming election I don’t answer calls unless their from my contacts list.


Keep calling TMobile support until you find a support person who is willing to help and not punt you off to Apple.

The solution in my case was that the agent reset my voicemail at her end and had me reset my network settings on my iPhone at the same time. Once my phone rebooted I tried entering in a password and it worked.

Good luck!

INteresting… thanks!

I try to avoid calling tech support of any kind.

The interminable waits are a PITA at best, and getting handed back & forth from agent to agent to get to one that actually KNOWS something, and that I can UNDERSTAND over the phone, makes the whole process less-than-appealing.

MUCH prefer CHAT sessions, while admitting they suffer with their own unique issues.

But I’ll take your suggestion to heart later on today, when I can drive to a location that gives me 4 bars signal strength… otherwise I’m certain a long-duration call’d be dropped.