Autopay failures

  • 27 October 2023
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Am I the only one who keeps getting scammed by T-Mobile and their failure to process my AutoPay and then trying to charge me late fees?  I had autopay set up and it worked fine for a couple of months.  Then all of a sudden I received a notice of missed payment.  Called to find out how an autopay could be missed since T-Mobile had been pulling the money regularly without issue.  Billing person claimed that the bank account that I was using had been closed.  This was with a bank that I have been with for over 30 years and still have multiple accounts open with them.  The bank investigated, due to my long term relationship with them, and found T-Mobile had never sent the request for payment that month and they had records of the previous requests.  Referred this back to T-Mobile and they would re-investigate and they never followed up.  Went to a store to discuss, since I couldn’t trust the phone personnel after this, and they claim someone turned off my autopay.

Does anyone know if Verizon has better customer service or more honest, competent personnel?

8 replies

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Check your spam folder I get sms notifications when  they're  charging my card or any changes to my account. It usually comes from a 456 short code.


I appreciate the reply.  But T-Mobile failed to do their part of the agreement and that is my issue.  They failed to request payment and they wanted to charge me a late fee for their failure.

If you are telling me that I need to constantly monitor T-Mobile to see if they are doing their job, then I need to find another provider.

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I've never had issue with autopay because they usually charge my card a couple of days early.

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I have autopay setup to receive the discount but I never rely on it. As I know when my bill is due I just pay it myself before autopay kicks in.  Just a FYI I’ve never had a problem with the autopay system.


Ric221, thanks for that option.  But unfortunately T-Mobile has demonstrated to me that they cannot be trusted to properly process payments as well as to honestly respond to my questions and issues.

My concern with your method is that T-Mobile would take my payment and also charge my autopay, so that I would be billed twice.

Since I have been with them 3 times I have noticed auto pay turned off no txt or email about missing payment all of sudden can’t use phone then get charged the 20 to reactivate it.. so for 3 devices that’s 60 dollars extra they get 

 you are most definitely not,  I have auto pay set up and am continually charged this late fee?

They did it to me too the point of going into collections .. when I pointed it and had screenshots proving my side they just didn't reply back not like they were communicating anyways