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  • 15 June 2023
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How can I contact T-Mobile's upper division customer service? I have called five times and visited the store, but they were unable to resolve my issue.


I cancelled my services about two month ago, and I found I’m charged after the cancellation before the date of the payment. So I tried to figure out why it is charged but couldn’t. I call multiple times and even went to the physical store but no one could answer about this bill. They only asked about the PIN number which I’ve never knew one. Finally I went to the store and said if you don’t know I’m going to dispute the payment and she said yes. I’ve disputed the payment then I got another bill. Kind of confusing what exactly happened. Can somebody explain why I was charged after cancellation, even though It was cancelled before the new payment cycle, and why I still have to pay that amount as shown on the bill. I don’t wanna pay the late fee unfairly, since it is very hard to connect with your service team. So, please let me know what is going on this payment as soon as possible. Thanks.

3 replies

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Your bill after you cancel is for the billing period you were in when you canceled along with any other fees, EIP's, etc.  If that was really close to your billing date, there might be a bill that follows that one as well.

Try reaching out to T-Mobile through direct message on Facebook or Twitter.  You will get someone from. the T-Force Team, which is tier 2 customer support, to go through and explain and address your concerns.


I quit T-Mobile and ported my number out. Now I received a bill and cannot talk to a real person. Why would they let me port out my numbers if I owed them money???

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Depending on the date you port, there's at least one final bill if you're on a post paid plan since Tmobile bills in arrears.