5 G Hotspot problem

  • 20 September 2022
  • 2 replies


I have the recently new 5G hotspot and a problem. My laptop can connect just fine, but when trying to use browser to connect to any site, I get PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR or similar depending on which browser I use, among them chrome, edge and firefox. I have tried changing the security and encryption parameters without success.  I have also tried with two different laptops.  Both of these laptops connect successfully with my home wifi router - without having had to change any security or encryption parameters.  I have also used my laptop on numerous wifi networks without difficulty. Does anyone have any ideas?

2 replies


Wow, the chat line fixed the problem!!!  kudos to Joana!  The line was suspended.  I don’t know why it was suspended, I only got the line and hot spot a few days ago and it had never worked.

I just recently received my Hotspot and it is constantly showing “All Red” and there is no connection.

Also mailbox continuously blinks.