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I am hoping to leave a review about some excellent service I received. I thought a survey would begin after the call, but it never came. Is there a way for me to leave a positive review for an employee if they provided me with their name@T-Mobile?


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I had outstanding customer service. @Kahadja resolved ALL my issues, was exceptionally pleasant and knowledgeable 

The only issue I have is to leave a Google review. One should be able to do that. 

You can on a individual store yet not for a call in. 

I had an excellent customer service experience with Joyce@T-Mobile today. She was very patient with me, kind, and had a positive attitude. Thank you for her outstanding customer service.

For nearly 20 years, I've witnessed the continuous improvement of T-Mobile's customer service, making them an invaluable asset to the company. Just last week, I had yet another outstanding experience that solidified my admiration. During what we thought was a regular call, I mentioned we weren't aware it was an international call and asked for a lower rate. The exceptional representative, Mica, went above and beyond. She promptly contacted her supervisor, securing an authorization code to credit back a surprising $51.00. It's these remarkable gestures that truly set T-Mobile's customer service apart, leaving me thoroughly impressed and grateful for their dedication to customer satisfaction.

@HeavenM  can pass the word up the chain.

Jakashia helped me on the phone and she was amazing and kind! She answered all my questions and was able to address my concerns. I waited on the line for the survey however, it never transferred me. So, I wanted to make sure she gets the good review she deserves. 

Kashia, thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate the fabulous customer service! 

In Feburary 20th my wife called in respect of her Fold 3 samsung phone having inner screen issues, it was not responsive, frozen and have a black ink line in the middle of the inner screen, the phone still receive and make calls. The agent said she have to send the phone back to tmobile for replacement which they sent a refurbished phone to her as replacement.  Today she got a bill of $1700 for a refurbished fold 3 phone. We called tmobile this morning but non of the agents show empathy, all they want is making a payment plan for the $1700. The phone has insurance and this could have been taken care of by the insurance the agent she spoke to have directed her to insurance. 

The Samsung fold 3 was recalled by Samsung because According to the law suit the Samsung fold 3 is " highly susceptible to screen damage, including corrupted pixel, through microscopic particles getting under the protective film at the hinge creating air pockets. The lawsuits also alleges that cold temperatures can cause the screen protector to snap instead of bend".

My concern is why didn't the agent on the 20th of February transfer my wife to the insurance company for a replacement when she knows that the phone is out of tmobile warranty and has insurance????

Why will my wife pay $1700 for a refurbished phone from tmobile while she can buy it for $400 on Amazon????

Is it wrong to be honest and tell the truth?

Please kindly address this issue as soon as possible. Thank you.


VERY DISAPPOINTED with customer service ! I cancelled my account and after being canceled they over charged my account more than what my original bill was . They promised to have that amount refunded back to my account and two weeks later nothing has been refunded ended up calling back just for a lead Jane to tell me that they can’t refund back the amount they promised and that she’s sorry if wrong information was provided to me ! I asked for the recording of the last call to match what I’m saying and she said that it can’t be possible and nothing can be done but refund me half of what I was told ! 


@HeavenM if you could pass this up the chain! I wanted to leave a survey and didn't have the chance to.


Shy@T-mobile was the Account Expert who helped me today. I was added to my in-laws plan last weekend but was given the wrong account number to switch my number over. Shy spent about 45minutes helping me get my information and getting things switched over, and made a point to call me back when my call dropped due to poor service, just to make sure everything got fixed properly! She was awesome to work with and SO friendly.

At the end of the call, Camille submitted the final confirmation for me as well, and she was also very friendly. I'm so glad I switched!!

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Thank you @Harper_Scout for sharing your experience! Having to deal with a situation after a mix-up can be difficult and frustrating. I am so glad that Shy was able to partner with you to get things straightened out even called back when the call dropped. 

😍So happy that you are happy and part of the T-Mobile Family. 

I can get this passed along so they know how good they made you feel and so they can get all the recognition they deserve. 😁

I have been with T-Mobile since I was a teen in high school. I’m a 33 year old adult now. Transferred my account over from my mom’s account when I was able to afford my own bill. Eventually added my girlfriend. Later my son. I did a free promotion for a cellular watch for my son. The watch never really worked properly after a month or 2. It would hold a charge long and didn’t want to charge. We made due until it wouldn’t charge at all. I called T-Mobile to see if I could replace it but do to use not having insurance on a free watch it was nothing they could do. So I canceled the watches cellular line because we didn’t have a device for that line. I was then told I had to pay in full for the free watch. And the full amount due was higher then the watch was currently being sold by T-Mobile. The same free watch that I already had been paying on in now needed to be paid in full. More than the value. T-Mobile says it’s nothing they can do. So I paid it in full and another phone I was still paying on. My bill had just been paid in advance. I decided to leave T-Mobile and I transferred all my information. We kept all our numbers just changed our provider. The person that helped me on the T-Mobile end handled the transfer and at the end I asked do I owe anything. They checked my bill said I was paid in full and don’t owe on any devices. I’m good to leave and I don’t owe T-Mobile anything. So fast forward to 3 and a half weeks later I am charged for a full bill. I’m shocked. I figured it might have been the auto pay. I contacted T-Mobile and I was informed I left 2 days in the new bill cycle. They do not prorate the bill so me leaving not even 48 hours into the bill made me pay a full bill. I asked to avoid this. I asked everything I could and they still find a way to get over. T-Mobile has always been a good phone provider but the customer service sucks. When u finally get a problem it’s usually fixable but they escalated and make it so much worse. I’ve had bills that have randomly went up with no notification. To the point where I had to go call them they had to do research and figure out why it went up and why I wasn’t contacted. It’s crazy. But this right here feels criminal. Big bill for 2 days with a client that has never been late. Bills paid in advance and in full. Don’t let all the small perks fool you T-Mobile will rob you. Please watch your bill and even if u ask the person That works for T-Mobile doesn’t mean that they know what they’re talking about. Traded in a phone and was told by the person in the store that I would receive a bill credit for the total of the trade-in and was locked into a two year installment of the trade-in value.  There was nothing I could do when the trade was made even tho I was told the wrong thing. Had a buyer for the phone but the t-Mobile rep lied about the one time payout. Locked me in for 2 years to get the full amount. T-Mobile is money hungry 

Never in all my existence on this planet have i ever been so frustrated with an internet provider. i will never ever even speak to anyone at tmobile again. i went to a local tmobile to try and get a wifi hotspot and they told me it was buy one get one free. They did not tell me that it would not be free and i would end up having to pay over 400 dollars to them(200 each). they also lied to me and told me they had unlimited data when they only have 50gb of data on each. I now have to pay over 400 dollars which i cant even pay because their mobile app is so so im probably gonna be charged late fees. But yeah if youre looking into tmobile just make sure you know what youre getting because they will lie to you just to get their money. TMOBILE IS ABSOLUELY HORRIBLE

Jessica who works at 854 Cleveland Ave #900, East Point, GA 30344 was amazing! Super friendly, informative, got me a great deal on my new wifi, and helped me with my phone not working properly. Thank you Jessica!!!

hi! i just searched and found this. hope this is the right place to say that i received STELLAR customer service at the ABQ Uptown location (2200 Louisiana Blvd NE Suite B8, Albuquerque, NM 87110) - first from Shaylee who was phenomenal, and then from the manager Rebecca who was so understanding and helpful when we had an issue that needed resolution. They were both such a pleasure, and got us everything we needed.

Chesterfield Michigan store 9463 has the best customer service people! Today we were greeted by Mr. Deangelo Dismukes, Mobile Expert, who helped solve our mobile hotspot issue. Brand new device used for one day, and the next day it would not connect with internet. Deangelo figured out that the plan the phone rep recommended was not compatible with the Franklin T-10. Deangelo set us up with a better plan and got internet to work on my new laptop. This man is destined for bigger things beyond customer service, but in the meantime he is a great representative of T-Mobile! Here are your five stars, Deangelo! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

VERY DISAPPOINTED with customer service especially online, especially the sorry internet that comes and goes spend half the time buffering when there is only one TV using the internet

I've been with them and Sprint  7 yrs and I believe it's  time to look for another provider. 

Also they charged me for a full month of internet when I actually used it for for a couple of weeks

The 15 day trial begins the next day after you order it per customer service

I went with Spectrum and am very happy 

I am in the process of switching my phones to Spectrum

Can't be any worse

Just found out the 55 plus plan doesn't let you qualify for the AAA discount so getting penalized for that


Today I received the worst customer service from the rep I spoke with and asked for a supervisor but funny how she was worse. Guessing y’all having a bad day today? A customer service rep so to speak Interrupted all my compliments didn’t even get me a solution! Was in so much hurry to get off the phone!!! And for the past 8years with T-Mobile I guess it’s safe to say Goodbye with this first survey. Hoping y’all do better before you lose your clients to other competitors.


I’ve had t-mobile for 5 years with my mom then eventually switched over to T-mobile with my husband but under my name now for about a year. Every representative I’ve talked to has been absolutely amazing the last representative Archer I talked to about my payment arrangement and he went above and beyond for me, my daughter has a pre MRI phone appt coming up and my phone was going to get shut off, my daughter is a 1 year old who’s suffering from headaches and Archer was able to extend my payment to the day I get paid and I was in tears! My heart was sinking, heavy chest pains, anxiety the whole 9 and after I spoke to him a weight was lifted off my shoulders, I’m so thankful for him, you have no idea! There is still people who care enough to help. I’m a pay it forward person I always have been I care for elderly and I make sure my job is done in an outstanding manner and Archer really made me believe that I’m not the only person that would be there in a way you can’t imagine someone would be there for you. I just want to call my t-mobile representatives family after these last three calls! The second one was Ray he was so kind and helped me with my phone that isn’t charging but I think I just need a new one. I have so many more of their names written down but those are the only ones I can think of but I try to remember names so I can leave reviews. I’m so thankful for t-mobile I’ve seen terrible reviews but I can’t wrap my head around any of the negative comments, I’ve never had issues with them and I’ve been with them for 6 years now I’ve had all the issues you all have talked about but never did they not come to my rescue and I will be thankful and loyal to you till my life is done! God bless you all! Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏 

I just wanted to thank Jamal at the Levittown T-Mobile branch for all his help. He was extremely helpful and professional. He pointed me in the right direction with his in-depth technical knowledge and I was able to pick out a phone perfect for myself. Thanks again!


The sun shines on a dogs a#$ even some days….finally they got one right, but 1000 wrong and 1 right means nothing! Even incompetent people can one thing right from time to time….