Maybe a reason not to have 5g internet


I was just notified that my local tower is going to be serviced and will be down sporadically.  Tmobile recommends making calls with WiFi.  Somehow that seems like a mute point when my wifi is 5g as well.

The lack of availability may cause issues.

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Keep us posted.  Maybe they are only working on 4G (or even 3G) on your tower, which might be what your phone uses for cellular voice calls.  Maybe they don’t expect any disruptions to the 5G.

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I got a similar email.


To ensure a great network experience, the tower you use most will undergo maintenance. Your service may be impacted for a short time between 10:01 PM PDT, 05/31/2023 and 03:00 AM PDT, 06/01/2023. During this time, if available, you can use Wi-Fi to make calls and access data from your device. We'll let you know when the work has been completed. Thank you for your patience as we work to bring you a great network experience.


And just like the notice stated, service was down or slow during the maintenance period.   Service returned to normal after 2-3 hours.


T-Mobile use of 5G is separate and independent from your home router’s 5G WiFi network.  Still, the suggestion to use WiFi calling did seem a bit strange.   I lost both phone and internet service during the tower work.   So WiFi calling that routes calls via the internet was not an option.  


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It all depends on area, and how many sites service your area.

I used to get these sporadically from Spectrum as well.  Also, if the OP has T-MObile Home Internet, then using WiFi over your T-Mobile home internet would be affected.  Using WiFi over .. home Internet that is Spectrum or Comcast wouldn’t affect you.