Sad to treat loyal customers this way why would t-mobile merge with a company (Sprint) that did nothing but hurt there name and business

  • 19 September 2022
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Ridiculous was a loyal Sprint customer with 5 phones on my account for 20 years then the merge happens and my service goes to crap have around 8 hrs spent on the phone talking to people that can barely speak english and takes 45 mins on hold just to talk to them so go in the store  to deal with it and was told the store cant deal with account issues that i had to call !! So if you so under staffed that it takes 45 mins of my time just to talk to someone i cant even understand then why not let the stores handle it its funny they can sell me the $1000 phone but when service went to crap i have to talk to someone thats not even in the same country !! I have a disabled child and dont have hours to sit and wait on hold just to try to explain that after the merge my phone wont work so after 20 years and 8 hrs sitting on the phone with Sprint i switched to ATT and finally have a working phone ! Its sad when a company just makes excuses for there mistakes and treats long loyal customes the way they do !! I suspect after reading review after review of the people leaving and going to different carriers all the merge did was cause the  loss of alot of good loyal customes that now will never give them a chance because of how customers were done !!! 

2 replies

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Mostly because Sprint was bleeding money and customers.

T-Mobile ‘was’ focused on value and being different that the corporate AT&T/Verizon in the past  (John Legere).  They have been focused on their ‘urban base’ and being a relatively low cost / high value carrier (i.e. some ‘freebies’ - Netflix discount, Paramount+, cheap roaming)

They aren’t the big carrier that is 24x7x365 with backups/cows/colts everywhere - but are promoting themselves as it.


Worst service I’ve ever since T-mobile. Bring back Sprint!