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Ever since the merger with sprint, t mobile has been absolute trash. Even after the new sim card its bad. Who ever thought it was a good idea to merge with sprint needs to get fired. Worst thing that has happened. And my job is dependant on having mobile data and if t mobile cant have their stuff together then im gonna have to switch.

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So much going for T Mobile but service has gone down the tubes the last couple years and now it is completely worthless and unusable. Everywhere I go I get full strength LTE with zero service. Have to reboot the phone constantly.

I called many many times for support over two years with nothing actually done. They say engineering says it is a known problem. Zero follow up. Problem persist with towers alarming for many reasons, FOR YEARS.

T Mobile is one of the worst managed companies in the world. Network and device configurations are complete garbage. No employee and no engineer at T Mobile is empowered to actually fix or solve any problem. Managers all the way up to the CEO and Board must be shopping for yatchs. This company cannot do wireless provider 101. What are they doing as a company? Why do they exist? All of management should be fired.

When we went to Switzerland it was great to have free data included. I was in the top of mountains or riding in a highspeed train over 200 MPH through tunnels and on mobile hotspot working remote desktop to a machine in the USA and I had zero drops, jitter free. The key here is T-mobile didn’t provide this service they just paid the peering bill with the European company.

Here in the USA in a city of 2 or 3 million and full strength radio signal, I get NO service. My brand new iPhone will be offline, not receiving texts or calls and I have no idea. I drive 1 mile, have to reboot phone, even in places and times of low traffic.

Going to Verizon (ATT was pretty bad and poor value) is the only company actually providing service. Going to share an account with family so price will be cheaper than T - Mobile.

Good riddance, T-Mobile. You suck.

My coverage wasn't bad in Canton, OH. That is as long as I wasn't in a building(including my house!). I just moved to Hubert, NC and it barely works at all now. I guess thinking TMobile might get better after the Sprint merger is kinda like thinking Sears would improve from merging with Kmart!

They should be called T-maybe. Cause that's all the more guarantee you'll get that your service will work ..


TMO doesnt get to just up and hit a switch and the Sprint towers can now push TMO signals..they have to change out all the equipment etc..meaning each Sprint tower they must now convert..gonna take a bit of time to do this...seeing as how it took a couple years to convert Sprints towers to LTE im going to go out on a limb and say its going to take roughly the same amount of time to do it yet again across the nation..

So then TMO doesn’t get to talk about how great the 5G is when their current customers can’t even access it themselves. T-mobile doesn't get to advertise that “We have merged” like it’s the same thing. A Sprint customer’s experience is different than a T-mobile experience. They don’t work the same. I hate the fact that no one That works for the company wants to acknowledge that there is a problem. Every single time a new training comes out there just fed some BS without acknowledging “hey we’re having an issue with the merger.”. The merger brought about problems for both employees and customers in different ways and in some ways alike. Tmobile employees are kept in the dark and told “TnX EvEry CuStOmEr BeCaUsE iT’s BeInG tRaCkEd”. I’ve never had such disdain for a company as I do now. 


I finally gave up.  It’s been since November of 2020, networks speeds have dropped precipitously.  I have been with TMO since 2012, and LTE turned on just after I joined.  We had 40-80mbps at home and most places consistently. It was great, we were happy.


Fast forward to this year, and with LTE we barely get 1mbps.  Many times, can’t even get a page to load or a speed test to run.  Have had to turn off LTE to get data working.  Messaging has been spotty.  Calls have been reverting to 3G since VOLTE hasn’t been working.  I lost count of the number of trouble tickets filed.  Nothing has been fixed. 


This week was the last straw.  Power went out in the middle of a teams meeting at home (where we always got 40mbps+ before on LTE).  Couldn’t even load a webpage on LTE, even with full signal.  Had to go outside to get 3G reception to hop back on the call.

I’ll try back in a year once merger issues have been cleared up.  I really wanted to stay with TMO, but Verizon offered us a year for free and an LTE network that wasn’t oversubscribed.

Ever since the merger with sprint, t mobile has been absolute trash. Even after the new sim card its crap. Who ever thought it was a good idea to merge with sprint needs to get fired. Worst thing that has happened. And my job is dependant on having mobile data and if t mobile cant have their shit together then im gonna have to switch.

This is f**** ridiculous. This T-Mobile went to s*** ever since the old CEO left the company. That guy knew what he was doing. I been a customer for years and on an old plan and at this point I rather pay twice the amount I pay  now and have good service than no service like I do now. Im sorry T-Mobile but you guys need to get your s*** together. I speak for the Woodland and Sacramento California  area.

This is getting rediculous, I switched from verizon years ago because of shady service, t mobile used to be the best price and coverage, I'm in indiana and its  non existent in places. Downtown indy is complete shit for service, I cannot complete a call without it dropping, cell service always going out. And its not my phone, everyone I know with t mobile in indy has the same complaints. What are you doing t mobile? Get it together or you will lose everyone to another company like verizon. I'm switching asap. 

Ever since the merger with sprint, t mobile has been absolute trash. Even after the new sim card its crap. Who ever thought it was a good idea to merge with sprint needs to get fired. Worst thing that has happened. And my job is dependant on having mobile data and if t mobile cant have their shit together then im gonna have to switch.

My family has experienced the same issues. Trouble is that we will lose our equipment credits if we cut and run. 


I also made the switch from Verizon and I also feel it was stupidest thing I have ever done.

These guys are small potatoes, there coverage isn't even in the same ball park as att or vz

always disconnects from service daily, low data speeds maybe 2mg down that's twenty year old technology called 2g

don't get me started on customer service one day I called and herd roosters in the background lol ok covid i understand but they have pulled off the greatest scam of all (they never ever actually help you) but they love you and want so much to help you with every little problem or concern but they never do.

just waiting it out till one of them will buy me out of or phones are they are paid off

absolute garbage. i’m a customer from before they even went “uncarrier” and i’m absolutely appalled at the drop in quality of customer service AND cell service.

i spent 4-5 hours the past two days trying to reach US based support while just getting thrown around to different filipino that had no interest in helping me with complex data privacy/retention issues. they just lie about where they are based, and finally i was told they could not connect me to US based support. you can tell if you are in the outsourced support queue because the music is horrible quality and you don’t hear the “guy” spouting his lines about them being the best every 10 seconds.

service was bad before sprint, and at this point they are outright lying to customers. no cell/gps service 20 minutes outside of major metros is a joke and they deserve the fallout from this.

lastly their employees aren’t trained well at all. i finally got to a supervisor in Charleston, SC and she had no clue about their data privacy/retention policies. just search for “delete tmobile data” and you can see they have a whole process to do it. she argued that “my data is safe with them” and “they need to keep it for history” when i said i wanted it gone after i move to another carrier in a few days.

absolutely clueless across the board. what a MESS this company has become. jump ship NOW and request they delete you data AND ensure you opt out of the sneaky advertising policies they added recently. any company making that type of stuff OPT OUT with no notification is the scum of the earth. i received no notification they changed their policy.

Been with T Mobile since 2000. Their service has declined to the point where I feel like I’m back in 2000! Actually, my service was much better 21 years ago! I’m lucky if I could make a call without losing it. That’s if I can make a call at all. Text messages only occasionally work and as of the past year, they often start arriving in bulk, all at once, sometimes a day later! Group texts usually only come in bulk bursts all at once now. Then there’s the dreaded roaming!!! To add insult to injury, my service gets slowed down even more or gasp, stopped altogether when going over allotted roaming minutes. Here’s the kicker, how am I roaming if I’m in the United States? Better yet, I’m not even leaving my State! So here I am asking myself, why in the world am I paying for Third World service when there are several other competitors prying for my business? As far as I’m concerned, T Mobile is about to go the way of the Dodo. It’s criminal just how bad the service has become. Dreadful. 


Being part of the forced move from Sprint, seeing this thread, experiencing the drop in coverage quality, and having experienced my own recent nightmare “conversations” with their outsourced “support” suggests it is time to move on…their telesales tries to augment their lack of ability to listen and understand by lying…

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Coverage and issues vary by location.  T-mobile doesn't treat all areas and markets the same, especially rural.    I still think that T-mobile is quite a bit behind in rural coverage in general, and certain urban markets.

We’ve had Tmobile for over 15 years and all of a sudden their service is slow and drops constantly. Ever since they merged with sprint it’s been frustrating. I used to tell everyone to get Tmobile. Now I don’t even know if we will stay. 15 YEARS!! Fix this Tmobile!  

Seems like there's issues across the board, but I will chime in anyway. I habe the same problems, the phone will show  5G but not work worth a damn. First they tried to tell me it was my phone (at this point my S21 Ultra was a month old), then they sent us new SIM cards (honestly no change). They also told us to disable the 5G and use 4G (worked about as well as you would expect). The company refuses to take any action to make things right with customers, and blames the Sprint merger for their poor service. I am unsure why I should be paying them for a service that I do not receive, and they run circles when you bring up discounted service. I had the same speeds when I was overseas using the throttled 2G that is provided in the military plan. I am highly contemplating switching providers. 

Since my last post service has gotten much worse. At this point I’m lucky if I can even make a call. Most of my communication is now via text messages since phone calls are near impossible to make/receive most of the time. It really sucks considering that I’m not only paying for this miserable “service (can you even call it that???)” but I’m also an og customer going back to the ‘90’s. T-Mobile gets an F grade as far as I’m concerned. It’s only a matter of time till I jump ship for another company. At this point, just being able to make a phone call and not have it drop would be a luxury from a provider. 

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If dialing 611 / rep hasn’t been able to fix service for you, then I’d suggest ‘before’ you cancel/drop (esp if you have a device that isn’t fully paid for), go to the BBB (bbb.org) and file a complaint.  If you’re going to drop/switch, they may get you out of your payments.

10+ year customer and I pay for all of our employees plans on T-Mobile as well. Their service is so non-existent, we will be dropping all plans now. They used to be the best. This should become a case study on destroying customer loyalty. 

Very disappointed. I was with Sprint and my service worked fine at home, inside my home.  Now, I have no service at home.  I was able to go outside and make a call up until this month, but that has now become an issue.  My neighbor has Verizon and his works flawlessly in my home.  I’ve been waiting months patiently for this to be resolved, but appears it will not.  Time to move on soon.  66067 iPhone 12’s

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are you now running the new R15 sim card in your phone or are you still running the same one from Sprint?

T-Mobile has updated the SIM card several times.  It was worse reception the first time, so we went back and they put Sprint SIM cards back in all our phones.  Then after some time that changed and wasn’t working hardly, so we went back and they put T-Mobile SIM cards in and seems to degrade by the month.  We were able to make a call at the west window, now we can’t make a solid call outside.

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interesting. im also from the Sprint side and many of the reception holes i had with Sprint are now covered by the TMO side.

We tried T-Mobile roughly 10 years ago and took the phones back because the service didn’t work at home.  Sprint always worked in my area until the merger.  Our Sprint/T-Mobile store employee said we’re not the only ones having problems.  They said hopefully they’ll have it figured out by the end of the year.  They have no problem collecting the bill every month.  About like my Doctor, they still charge even if they can’t figure it out.  Maybe that should change to motivate results!

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im actually wondering if they shut down certain Sprint towers if they are close to a TMO tower already and basically overlapping each other to much...would make a bit of sense in many of your areas if you were a S customer before the merge..actually might make a bit of sense if you are a TMO customer and they did the reverse with it and kept the Sprint tower instead of the TMO tower..


cant exactly prove this but it would make sense with what many of you are seeing..well aside from the addition of millions of additional customers out the gate after the merger.

You likely hit the nail on the head there.

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I can say that any of the former Sprint native sites that weren't fringe or that T-Mobile wants to keep are pretty much not accessible, or I get booted after about 5 seconds.  Ive tested this white B41 and B26.  B26 is an easy test, as T-Mobile doesn't use it. .

If you've migrated, unless its a Sprint Keep site, you probably won't connect.

Was a Sprint customer from 1999 to present & in the entire time with Sprint I never had half the issues that I have constantly with Tmobile... my 1st real cell phone was a prepaid Trac Phone (in like 98 or something) & that was more reliable