Sonim XP3Plus issues: Apps: how to stop direct connect asking me to activate

  • 10 January 2023
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I have a Sonim XP3Plus and it is incessantly asking me if I want to activate T-Mobile Direct Connect. Though I repeatedly select ‘no’ the alert doesn't go away, and pops up on my flip phone outer screen. 

How do I stop this annoyance? there is an app on the phone called TCD which i think is the culprit, can it be deleted. I’ve also tried force it to quit but no avail. Can someone please tell me how to silence this alert once and for all? thanks

also, it seems that when I press number keys during calls to respond to prompts (‘press 1 for yes’) etc, it isn’t heard by the other party/automated phone tree system. I can hear the numbers as I enter them, and i can see them appearing on the banner on the screen, but its as if the other end never hears it. its an impossible circumstance given how often one must do this sort of thing. ideas? do i just have a poor connection? 

4 replies

I just got this phone and this app was driving me crazy - any time I touched the yellow button on the left side, the TDC app would pop up, just like you describe. There was no option I could find to uninstall it. I finally nosed around as follows and assigned that key elsewhere (phone). Now, if I press and hold it brings up the phone app.

Options > System settings > System > Programmable Keys > Select PTT Key app

Changed from TDC to Phone

PTT = “push to talk” ; TDC = “T-Mobile Direct Connect”

Appears this is a holdover from Sprint, where this push-to-talk technology was supported. You have to sign up for the app service for this button to function, but it is an app that most users probably will never use.


Thank you!!!! 

You are lifesaver! This exact problem was driving me crazy, fix works great MANY THANKS for taking time to post solution:)

Thank you. Thank you! Thank You!!! This was driving me nuts. Switched it to Voice Commands which, if you haven’t tried it, is very user friendly.  This was soooo helpful.