Internet service and VoIP

  • 4 January 2024
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Considering T Mobile for internet service. I have an elevator that requires a land line. Does the gateway have a port I can plug into for VoIP?

5 replies

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No and VOIP services do not work with T-Mobike Home Internet in most cases.  VOIP lines aren't the same as home phone services either.  The gate here actually requires a local number and a landline, not a VOIP service or cell service.  Not too sure if the system at your property works the same.

Thanks - I have a phone # and existing phone service through my Xfinity connection. If Comcast goes away I thought VoIP was my only option. Is this correct? I’d like to disconnect the phone from the tel port on my combination modem/router and connect it to a new service provider, T Mobile or otherwise.

I have T-Mobile 5G home internet, and I use Ooma basic as my home phone line.  They have 911 service and costs a little over $6 a month.  I’m not sure if you can port your current home phone number over or not, but the service works well.  We have used it for years (used previously with Xfinity before switching to T-Mobile in December 2023).  Hope this helps.

I have not had any luck with VOIP phones working on the Tmobile gateway


Anyone heard if T is fixing this issue?