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  • 4 January 2024
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Considering T Mobile for internet service. I have an elevator that requires a land line. Does the gateway have a port I can plug into for VoIP?

7 replies

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No and VOIP services do not work with T-Mobike Home Internet in most cases.  VOIP lines aren't the same as home phone services either.  The gate here actually requires a local number and a landline, not a VOIP service or cell service.  Not too sure if the system at your property works the same.

Thanks - I have a phone # and existing phone service through my Xfinity connection. If Comcast goes away I thought VoIP was my only option. Is this correct? I’d like to disconnect the phone from the tel port on my combination modem/router and connect it to a new service provider, T Mobile or otherwise.

I have T-Mobile 5G home internet, and I use Ooma basic as my home phone line.  They have 911 service and costs a little over $6 a month.  I’m not sure if you can port your current home phone number over or not, but the service works well.  We have used it for years (used previously with Xfinity before switching to T-Mobile in December 2023).  Hope this helps.

I have not had any luck with VOIP phones working on the Tmobile gateway


Anyone heard if T is fixing this issue?

We’ve had VoIP phones running on a few T-Mobile Home Internet devices for over a year (we do not use the internal WiFi on the gateway - we use independent mesh routers, which shouldn’t matter).  Within the last month, our VoIP phones stopped working.  After HOURS of trying to figure out why (and a long call with T-Mobile customer care that had no idea why VoIP wouldn’t work anymore), I discovered that our TMHI gateway had spontaneously started blocking Port 5060, which is most commonly used for SIP (VoIP) traffic.  Changing our VoIP port (to 5062 in our case) solved the issue immediately.  The available alternative ports you can use for VoIP differ, depending on your VoIP carrier.

Two days ago, our second TMHI gateway started blocking Port 5060.  So, I had to switch the port on those phones as well.   It appears T-Mobile pushed an update to at least some of their gateways (ours was an Arcadyan) that caused this inexplicable issue.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHY, and apparently neither does customer service.  I spent hours and hours trying to fix it and it was pretty frustrating.

Now my worry is, if they are going to start randomly blocking ports used by SIP, will they eventually block the new ports we are using?  We depend on our VoIP phones for our business.  If they keep doing this, we are going to have to dump T-Mobile.  They need to fix it.  If they are going to market themselves as a legitimate internet service provider, they need to act like one and stop doing things like this.


Moving to port 5062 did not help me. :(