t-life app doesn't show signal strength

  • 7 May 2024
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Since the old T-mobile home internet app is being replaced by t-life, I've been using both.

T-life appears to be a big marketing ploy with functionality hidden.


Where is the signal strength indicator for home internet?


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I thought it was in T Life, but apparently it is not. 

I wonder if the Connection quality bars are a composite of the various “Advanced Cellular Metrics.”  I have “Very good” 4/5 bars.  My 5G metrics are “Good”, “poor”, and “Excellent.” 

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This should be the primary purpose of the app, showing your connection status and any error codes.

That's what the original app provides. I can't believe they are getting rid of it.

Sick of the "Authenticating" screen.

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I preferred the idea of separate apps.  Logically the benefits of “Tuesdays” or “Status” don’t go with having TMHI.  However, the TMI app has major flaws and they were able to “start from scratch” with that part of the T Life app.  (with mixed results, IMO.)

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The whole TMHI system has major problems, mainly with coverage.

I don't need to be buried in coupons just to see why my streaming stopped.

Appreciate your reply.

I don’t need “special offers”. If I want cheap stuff, I know where to go look for it. I just want to check on the health of my gateway, and T-Life has made that so much harder. Why don’t they put the gateway management tools front and center, and bury the “special offers” in a tab somewhere? I think I know why.

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Sadly, the ‘bars’ aren’t always a great indicator, even though the Advanced Cellular metrics are.

I’d recommend getting the ‘HiNT Control’ app.  While it doesn’t show a single bar .. it shows 2.

One for 5G and one for LTE, as well as all the physical metrics from the ‘Advanced Cellular Metrics’ tab.

It also allows for WiFi settings in more detail - such as disable or disable 2.4GHz (helps).