"No Service" in Brazil

  • 4 September 2023
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I just got in Brazil and the Automatic Network selection is not working, so I choose VIVO as a network. However, still “no service”
I was in Panama before and everything worked normally. Does anyone know what is happening and how can I fix that?


Thank you!

5 replies

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Can you use calling and sms. You may need to change apn settings for data.



Thank you! But there is no service, so I could not use calling and sms. Do you know if I change apn it will be fixed?

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It will for data as long as your phone supports Vivo bands.

Looking at Vivo’s bands you should have 2G for calls but many other bands.


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 Does anyone know what is happening and how can I fix that?


You can call T-Mobile’s international roaming support line for free from any T-Mobile phone (+1-505-998-3793). Via WiFi Calling if you don’t have cellular service.




if you have an iPhone: make sure you go into Cellular Data and turn on the roaming. 

if you have android: Turn the Global Roaming feature on. 

let me know how that works and if you were able to get the signal needed.