How long have you been a T-Mobile customer?

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I have been with T-Mobile since summer 2005

Phone: Nokia 3320

Plan: Get More 600

Number of lines: 1


Phone: Samsung Note 8

Plan: SCM Family Match promo 14GB hotspot

Number of lines: 16

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27 Years and going strong!



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I started with Voicestream in the 90’s and switchover to T-mobile. When we were stationed overseas we took 4 years off but came back to T-Mobile after moving back to USA.  Basically DECADES with these guys.

Last week we dumped TMO  and moved all our family lines to Xfinity and AT&T because the last 3 years with TMO have been awful. The final straw was when they changed the autopay policy and raised rates on our grandfathered military plan by 50%.  “Thank you for your service” indeed. 

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For 3 years here is the tea…Hello to whom it may concern. My name is Karl Veal. I have a very small podcast on all apps and I have come across a story regarding Tmobile and their operations when it comes to closing customer accounts. I have a gentleman with screen shots from as low as messaging agents all the way up to high up managers at tmobile displaying absolutely disgusting behavior towards this individual concerning very eye opening dealings with his account personally. The genteman has everything including agents adding phone lines with promised equipment limit doubling and taking the phone orders for these new lines and then sending him SIM cards and a message saying hie equipment limit actually was not doubled but the request was denied. Same account has screen shots of conversations regarding a security breach on his account in 2022. A scam artist had actually put in a claim through assurant their phone insurance company and had his phone turned off and a new phone shipped to him in Nyc with the customers own credit card on file with Tmobile. Months later the gentleman had a security breach on his account with Bay and he had reached out to both companies for any information to provide his bank. Just in case it may have been the same account intruder and both companies refused his repeated requests for any information on the name the phone was sent to or the address it was sent to. Any information to help his banks investigation. Really refused any information about even if his account was refunded for this incident because his bank could not confirm. Requests for a formal investigation have still to this day gone unanswered. As recently as today after a months long investigation into missing phones on his account, the gentleman was promised credit on his account that again is acknowledged through screenshots and notes on his account for the time spent on the phone with said company and the inconvenence of an investigation that was promised to last 24 to 48 hours. Giving a little more detail about this specific incident, he reported a delivery marked delivered that he actually had not received. This was reported January 5th and a ticket to start an investigation was not filed until January 9th. Let the company informed him this 4 days tickets had been filed and the company was hard at work. Spending as much as five hours a day those four days calling and messaging the company and the delivery service UPS. On January 17th the customer had to reach out to UPS for a completely different shipment and informed them of his disapproval of damaging his current package through amazon and the wait on their investigation with tmobile a couple weeks prior. The manager in charge of lost packages informed him he was unaware the customers order had not gone as planned and nothing had been filed or notified with UPS. Just today after getting enough of their behavior for the 2nd time. First time ending with a $1600 bill that was refused to be lowered for all the mistakes on the account and forced to come back or erase the bill if he didn’t port back. Only this time the gentleman got a port code and informed the company of his intentions to leave. Listed all grounds to leave on his account and then ported the same number and device he had done so on November 10th of 2023 and returned November 24th. Looking at the behavior of every agent he came in contact with this morning im sure any current and future customers mind would be blown. Harrassment and bullying has been shown before but never in this manner. He is denied access back into his account after giving the necessary information to gain access to the account with agents even confirming his account has been confirmed. The minute he asked why his device won’t let Verizons sim on the phone and confirm he would like to close the account and pay it off right away suddenly the very same agents can’t confirm his account when they are shown to be the department to handle this issue. Tell him he can only call when they are aware his phone will no longer make calls,  will not send email confirmation to his email on the account after they repeatedly say the account is closed but will not show hime the final bill until he gives his credit card information in the same secure form 3 agents in a row insisted they don’t use to verify account can suddenly be used for credit card information.  Information provided to the company include his name, address on file, email on file, account pin, account number, birthdate and verification emails he could have easily accepted. All of this information was provided for the agents to gain access but was continually denied to the customer when he asked about the decrepency of being aloud to transfer his same number and same device in November exactly 11 days after receiving the device on a brand new payment plan and why suddenly his phone is blocked and the the phone itselfs balance is $200 plus down from before and actually on the exact payment plan that was never paid on late and actually his account bills never have once been paid late without ooutsideinterference from tmobille mistakes and his own accounts hacking. Suddenly that same phone needs to be paid off in full before they will allow Verizons sim to be put on it. This same phone that almost at full price was aloud to port from tmobile into Verizon along with 2 other almost full priced newly put on financing device plans devices. Not only that all received new Verizon SIM cards and when ported back all had to be shipped back to tmobile SIM cards. Suddenly this said to be policy on every single account with a device on a payment plan on tmobile. They will not send said policy after multiple requests or let him see the changes they claim to have made on his account. I can’t help but wonder how many times this has happened to guests all over the world and unaware agents would verify the account and transfer to correct department to get  the issues taken care of and once he asks for the account to be closed and access to said confirmation info he is told numerous times his account count be validated. One agent was asked for a manager I counted ten times and the agent refused and before he ended the talk abruptly the agent deleted every word spoke between them. Two agents actually did this after displaying behavior that I know is illegal and can be proven as illegal. I want to get other victims of this behavior to tell their stories and their cases to interested parties and be able to be heard and compensated fully for the and im sure worse experiences that haven’t been reported. This same customer has reached out to the fcc, and etc, and his states attorney generals office and is still waiting on results of their investigation and all tmobile agent made aware of this do not seem to be intimidated by their consequences. So I want this to get as big as possible with what exactly happens when this behavior can be proven in screenshot form and from simply gaining a  attorney and demanding those chats in fully. If any go the chats differ in missing sentences or in any way from the screenshots. What has their consequences been? And is this taught behavior through the company and agents in charge. How far up the company is this behavior known and not changed. When do they admit responsibility or how far does it actually have to go. If any of your reporters are willing to help me help you get this story investigated I do have all necessary information in screenshots and the comer is ready to take this to court or advice me off reporters who they know are willing to do this story please email me back at karlveal@gmail.comand please give the first episode of my podcast a listen again caller Live To Tell Podcast with Karl Veal for an idea of how I tell stories and like them to come across. Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to hearing back………Karl

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For 3 years here is the tea…


More customers getting screwed by unethical if not completely illegal behaviors.  T-mobile likely has institutionalized best practices around screwing customers to maximize profits.  I definitely have seen this on their trade-ins.  Have traded multiple pristine phones and they are lost or damaged in transit or the promotion is “accidentally” not applied.  I’d say 50% of my trades over past 5 years fell into this category.


 Happy to provide more info and sign up for class action if asked.

I have been with T-mobile ever since they became T-mobile since 2000-2001 so almost 24 years back when it was voice stream! 

Lenin the mgr in new Britain ct needs to be fired

left me 90 minutes doing a screen protector I was so mad!  He's a mgr!!!!!  Today I went back for protector again he wasn't at store staff member couldn't authorize a screen protector !!! I have lifetime protection I paid for!!!!  How do you run a retail store with no manager present ??? 

poor service … Lenin needs to be fired 

Prepaid service my Freshman year of High School with Voicestream - Fall 1999

Changed to postpaid with Powertel - Fall 2000 

T-Mobile took over in 2001

Left T-Mobile for less than 1 year due to no service being available in Fort Lewis, Washington Army base - Summer 2005

Rejoined T-Mobile in Spring 2006

Now have 7 voice lines. 1 watch line. Home Internet. GO5G Plus Military 7L

Been a bit dissatisfied ever since Sprint merger and their CEO took over. Overall, never been any reason to leave T-Mobile other than there were no towers on the Army base for that months long training exercise.