What happened to "Stay logged on"?

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With the "Stay Logged In" button ticked, it WAS every 4ish weeks that it would log me out (acceptable).

Now, without the "Stay Logged In" button, it's every 4ish hours? -- try logging out then logging back in and see what happens 😀

I don't clean cookies or anything.  But, now I want to go to Chick-fil-A and get a cookie.. I believe the recall is finished...

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Seems to be fixed now.

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snn_555 wrote:

Seems to be fixed now.

I don't see a "Stay Logged In" option (on Chrome at least).  We'll see if it kicks me out by lunch 😀

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Has the getting logged out issue stopped for anyone else? I'm not experiencing the issues the same as I have been as of yesterday.


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I haven't had to re-log-in.

This morning I was happier than I had been.

Then we got an email from HR saying Summer Fridays [leave at 3 on Fridays] will happen again this year, so that made me happier.

Then I realized with these projects (and training outsourced people) that my team probably won't be able to partake in Summer Fridays then got sad again.


I'd still take them. Training other folks can happen the other 4 days a week! Summer Fridays are a must.

I think we'll do our own version. @tmo_lauren‌ I think you should start earlier and work later on Fridays. I mean the sun is up earlier and goes down later so there's ample sunlight to keep you motivated!

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Yay! I am glad I am not the only one who stayed logged in.

Can I just get the Summer Friday where I leave early, Ryan? 😕 I am pretty sure of your summer Fridays, smply. I still believe in them for you!