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  • 27 August 2022
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well, I’ve got a T-mobile hotspot and was going to follow the instructions about Web UI & advanced settings. But the problem is that the web site which was provided there is not working, I mean, it seems like it doesn’t exist. So, how can I login to my Web UI home page??


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Hi @Vorroninaa, getting to the admin page on those hotspots can be get confusing because it is not a regular webpage like we are used to. The website does not work unless your device is connected to the network already. For example, you have to connect your computer to the hotspot using the default network name and password that are on the sticker. After you are connected, you can go to that website from the browser on the computer and log in with the default username and password that is also provided. Then you can change the admin login details and the wifi network details. 

Hope this helps!

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