My current VoLTE settings may be affecting service quality?

  • 24 February 2022
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I got the above message from T-Mobile. My current VoLTE setting may be affecting service quality? I go to the VoLTE setting and turn it ON because it was turned off. 

What is a VoLTE setting?

What are DTMF Tones ? mine says “normal.” Normal to what?

Should Wi-Fi calling be set to On or Off? Mine is set to On.

Data Connection? Mine says “OFF” Should it be set to Off?

Data Roaming? Mine is set to “Off” Is this the preferred setting?

Geolocation? Mine is set to off? Is this a good thing? If I somehow lose my phone does this mean I will not find it using Geolocation? How would I use Geolocation to find my lost phone?

Bluetooth? Mine says “Off”. Is this the preferred setting? What am I missing out on by having mine turned off?

WAP Push? What does this mean? I have the circle “checked” is this a good thing?

Delivery Reports? I have this circle checked requesting notification for each delivery? Do I want this?

Read Reports? Request read report for each message sent? Mine is checked to read reports for each message sent? Do I want to know this information 

Internet Sharing Wi-Fi hotspot set to “Off”? Is this the preferred  setting?

I really don’t know very much about using/setting up my Alcatel “Go Flip” phone. Any help with the above settings would be greatly appreciated My Owners Manuel does not really explain which settings are related to other settings, and what benefits I get from enabling them. How do people learn about such things? I have zero intuition about how I can optimize and use all the features on this phone.

I tried to W-Fi and Blue Tooth connect with my wireless router from Google Fiber service but was unsuccessful. I thought I was supposed to be able to connect so I can read my MMS messages, but I cannot figure out how to get them displayed?

Thank You, Steve Cummins  


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VoLTE=Voice over LTE..meaning your calls go over data instead of the voice side of things..usually a clearer call.


wifi calling? if you have wifi at home then yes..keep it on..if you have lack of signal in your home wifi calling can help with calls and phone dependent...texts.