phone is not charging

  • 11 February 2017
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My phone is not charging anymore and I thought it was the battery so I ended up buying a new battery and it is still not charging.

8 replies

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i know a charging bug was mentioned semi recently but for the life of me i cant remember which device(s) it affected..or if it was an issue with wireless charging or both physical charging and wireless..

Completely different charger bricks and cables. This is on the samsung a20. When i restart, all three charge as normal.

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completely different chargers including cables? different outlets? also which phone?

On Nov 2020, i have the issue suddenly after the update just pushed from tmobile. When i plug in three different chargers, no recognition when plugging in, and no charging. If the phone is off and i plug in, it will charge, as well as when i power back on. At some point throughout the day, no charging issue again.

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Hey there!

Just wanting to check in and see if you had a chance to try the steps above!


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Hey @nuviam2!

It sounds like you have tried everything. 😥

I have a few more questions for you:

- Have you tried a different outlet?

- Is your phone updated to the latest software version?

- If the phone is still able to power on, can you please uninstall all applications that were downloaded right before the phone stopped charging?

Ultimately, it sounds like a warranty exchange may be in your near future if you haven't already taken that route.

LG V10

Yes I did replace the charger and the AC block as well.

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What model of phone?  Did you replace the charger/cable/AC block as well?