Text messages no longer show "Delivered" or "Read". How to obtain that again.

  • 22 August 2023
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When sending a text message, the cell phone no longer shows the text was Delivered or Read.  Also, contrary to Internet information, my ex-husband was able to go into my text messages, remotely, and delete several messages!!  How can I protect my text messges from being invaded, remotely?  The police indicate they are unable to help unless my life is in danger.  Certainly, my privacy has been invaded, and I am holding T-Mobile accountable.

4 replies

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Your ex husband probably has your line tied to a digits account so he can access it.

You can go into the message settings under the advanced setting and turn on when message is received.


How do I get my cell phone to return to showing my Text was “Delivered”, and “Read”?

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What sms app are you using? The steps I provided are for google messages.

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Many devices have advanced messaging features automatically enabled including the read receipts you are looking for. You can read more about those features on our Advanced Messaging T-Mobile Support page. 

To give you a more specific answer or steps, we do need a little more information. Gramps28 question is important. It is also good to know what phone you are using. Are you able to see the “delivered” and “read” for anyone or no one?