Is there a way to switch from prepaid to tmobile one unlimited?

  • 29 November 2016
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I purchased this sim to check my phones compatibility, now I'm looking to switch to the "one" unlimited plan. However I see no option on my account, is it possible or do I have to purchase a separate sim card?


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5 replies

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You can keep your number.  A couple years ago when we added a line to our account that had been on prepaid, they had to send a new SIM.

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You have to create a new T-Mobile account. They will give you a temporary number. Then you have your prepaid number ported to your new postpaid (T-Mobile One) service. I suggest doing so during the last week of your billing cycle, as you prepaid balance will not carry over to your postpaid service, and there is no proration.

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Hey @eric.b that's awesome you're making the switch to our newer plan!

Just wanted to drop in and ask, were you able to get everything changed over? You should be able to make that change without having to get a new sim card. Please let us know if this was taken care of. Thank you!

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Hey @eric.b‌!  Sorry if we're bombarding your inbox and this is already handled, we just like to know you're taken care of! 😉  A prepaid to postpaid conversion doesn't usually need a new SIM these days, although previously that was necessary, but as our awesome users intimated you will need to create an account with all of the personal info that prepaid accounts don't require.  Were you able to contact us and create a postpaid account so that we could convert your line and get you hooked up with TMO ONE?  Let us know if you still have questions or need any assistance!

- Marissa

Hi Team,

What is procedure to port my Pre-paid number to Post-Paid !!

Can someone get back to me and guide, please.