Digits Login and 2fa on Web Client

  • 19 September 2023
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I use the Digits web client on my Windows PC while working.  I used to be able to login and stay logged in for days.  Something has changed in the last couple of weeks, or so.  Now, it randomly logs me out and I have to go through the full login / 2fa / line registration again to get back in.  There’s no rhyme or reason to it that I can see.  I was using the web client this morning.  I stepped away for 30 minutes, and I was logged out when I returned.  But it didn’t log me out overnight.  Getting back in is a bit of a hassle and I wanted to know if I’m missing anything that would alleviate at least some of it.  Other services have options such as “remember this device” for 2fa, for example.  At the very least, it’d be helpful if the app remembered preferences for line registration, appearance and notifications, instead of having to reset those each time, too.

This doesn’t seem to happen with my Android phone or the iPad, only the web client for Windows PC.  (I couldn’t be bothered using the app if it did.)  The logging out is a relatively new issue.

5 replies


...facing a similar issue on Version 2.4.88


I see there’s no option to edit the original question / post, so I’m adding a follow-up:

The web client for Digits is effectively useless.  The glitchy, random behavior seems to be getting worse.  Among the issues:

  • Repeated auto-logoff at random time intervals.  Could be minutes, could be hours, could be while you’re actively using it.
  • Full password, 2fa, line registration and preferences setup *every time*.  It doesn’t even remember your device for 24 hours for 2fa or remember your registered lines or preferences.
  • Message syncing is not consistent or timely.  I’ll hear the message notification on my phone but the new message(s) doesn’t come up on the screen in the Digits web client.
  • Messages don’t go out on the first attempt and you get a “retry” prompt.

It worked reasonably well until a couple of weeks ago.  I was messaging back and forth with a friend this morning and was literally typing into the message window when it logged me out and I had to repeat the whole login and setup process again, and this was shortly after a prior auto-logoff.  At this rate it just doesn’t pay to use the web client.  What’s weird is that the app on my Android phone seems to work pretty well, but the web client is garbage.

As an aside: I spoke with T-mobile tech support.  Total waste of time.

Does anyone have any experience with any alternatives for use on a Windows PC?  It’s so much easier to message on the computer while I’m working instead of picking up the phone every time to read and reply to messages.



gave say MightyText a go a while back


Does T-Mobile ever respond to things on this offload of tech support forum? 

In addition to the unreliable syncing with what happens on my phone re calls and messages, I also am experiencing the sudden logging out which never used to happen. 

Now I just logged in online to reply in the forum, and I was able to check a box to remember me, so maybe that will help with the windows desktop digits app, which appears to be some kind of browser-related piece of kit.

As for reliable passing of SMS messages to computer, DIGITS does not work obviously. But I find by forwarding the SMS messages received by my phone to my Google Voice number, I get notified right away. This really helps with 2FA while I am sitting here between my 5 minute stand up breaks. Of course to forward my texts from my phone I had to come up with a Tasker script which is not ready for prime time. There is probably an app to do that. For now Google Voice is as free as anything else in the Gooverse.


A possible measure to prevent automatic Sign out is to have a call going in the background to say an 'infiniloop' number such as NASDAQ on 212.231.5180 that may go for some 7+ hours (feel free to dial the Volume down to 0)