has anyone else been scammed by T-Mobile?

  • 29 June 2023
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Crooked from top to bottom. All aspects of the company. 

sales - lies upon lies

They learn the ropes from management. 
Lucky enough to witness first hand. 

cust service is a joke. Countless hours spent on phone and text. They all feel your pain. They promise they corrected the problem. Following bill comes and right back at it again. 

Try the supervisors 😂😂😂😂


Lying scam artists from all aspects

I’m  9-10 months in and still getting screwed. Each time a cust service rep gets involved you’ll continue to get screwed. False promises. 
in a nutshell- my services were shut off 2 months into my new phone and plan. I went from $90 some a month to owing almost 700

found out I was paying for 4 lines 3 phones, tracking devices, some kind of graphic arts thing, service plans on all phones 

I merely wanted to upgrade my phone. Went from one phone one line with ins plan to the same thing only upgraded the phone. “ payment will go up $12 a month”


forced to pay those outrageous charges for devices I didn’t have. Services I didn’t have. Very first phone call service rep found all the problems. Told me all was taken care of. Agreed T-Mobile in the wrong. Following bill? Same 

T mobile scammed me by offering home internet 2 week trial. Returned it after 3 days not knowing that they kept the line on my account. Went back 2 months later after we moved to new apartment where we could have t mobile wifi work. Again they add another line so now I'm being charged for 2 lines. Called them up they said they had no idea I returned the equipment the first time and that they still have to charge me for the 2 lines even if I cancel.

Yes I have been.  The stores operate separately from the online and phone support.  T Mobile has been sued for certain sales practices.  The coverage map here does not coincide with its actual range.  I’ve had to call at 20 times about my bill.  Never received rebates I was promised.   All calls are to foreign call centers that have poor communication skills.  There’s no approachable management.  Even terminating my service didn’t phase them.  I was so hopeful. This weekend alone I wasted two hrs on hold and having to repeatedly explain my issue.

This thread should tell you all you need to know.   Not any attempt to reconcile customer’s issues.  It’s the new state of tech.  They’re not beholden to anyone.   


hard to do when the site itself is primarily peer to peer assistance..

Their site is *suppose* to be peer to peer assistance but first you have to actually be able to login to your account, which in my case is very rarely the case. On what planet are these types of businesses practices allowed to be happening? If you do a quick online search regarding logging into your account you will see that this insanity has been going on for eight years plus. T Mobile is straight up abusing their customers and allowing their employees to rob us blind - after lying to us just to meet some metrics set in place by the suits. There's a special place in hell for them. 

T - Mobile Store 

1151 Galleria Blvd #2245

Roseville, CA 95678

Wow!  I am seeing my same story play out the same as several of the comments here.  I was promised a deal for four I-phone 15’s for $100 a month.  That was back in November 2023.  Since then, I’ve had Two bills for $500, a bill for $250, and now am getting billed at $165 / month.  I turned in four phones for credit.  They claim to have had issues getting the promo’s to set up.  Fine.  Now that they are supposedly set up, why is my bill $165!!!!  I’ve been on the phone and back at the store at least once a month, every month, since November and every time I dealt with a rep, they assured me my bill would go to $100 once the promo’s set in.  Two months ago, I even spoke with the district manager (who was in the store because the store manager had recently been fired). The district manager assured me my bill would be $100 when the promo’s settled.  Well, two days ago, I went back to the store and spoke to the manager who told me my $165 monthly charge is correct.  He showed me some confusing figures on a piece of paper, and basically spelled out how they scammed me--telling me the discounts and credits on my account don’t add up to only $100 a month.  Is that my fault?!  I’m furious!  I recognized a saleman (description: short, with braided hair--cornrolls who smelled like marijuana).  I said, “You were with me that day.  You witnessed it.  Help me please.”  The salesman said, “I see a lot of customers.  I don’t remember you.” 

I look forward to the class action lawsuit and recommend everyone here signs up; It’s inevitable.  Meanwhile, I fully intend to contact the BBB, Dept. of Consumer Affairs, and leave a bad review Yelp, Google, Instagram, FB, and every other platform I can think of.  I’ve been scammed and I’m going to do something about it.  

For those wishing to file a grievance against T- mobile, research Bachuwa Law.  If T- mobile really wants to go that route, they can pay for a moderator, and likely pay their own attorney’s fees.  Or, they can just make things right.  Let’s see if this comment falls on deaf corporate ears.  

I got scammed by TMobile. Transferred over 2 lines from ATT to TMobile at the Costco kiosk booth in November. They promised a $200 Visa Card and a $250 Costco card per line. 3 months later I'm wondering where my cards are and when I called they said we denied it because you're not on the right plan. You can upgrade for $20/line per month and we'll send you the cards.

I probably would not have moved my lines over if it wasn’t for the credit. Super mad and disappointed.

It's March 2024 and I signed up with T-Mobile about 5 months ago and it's been a battle ever since the 1st bill. Was promised my bill would be around $145 a month and it has never been close. I've called customer service every month, sometimes multiple times, and they would always tell more lies. Like be credited next billing cycle, which never happens and sometimes they are just really rude. This company is nothing but a scam. So many people all complaining about the same problems. I think small claims court is the next route. 

Yes, I was scammed too.

I was upgrading my phone online.

The promo was up to $1,000 trade in.  I chose a phone for $699.  

The credit would be processed in 1 to 2 billing periods.

The next step asked if I wanted to finance over 24 months, or pay in a lump sum.  No disclaimer or information with this choice.

I chose to pay in full.

I returned my old phone and was notified that I get no promo because I paid in full.  I had to choose the 24 month billings.  This was not stated when I was purchasing my device.  SCAM. 

I am now stuck and out $699 because the “buyers remorse” time had expired.  They didn’t contact me until after the buyers remorse time had passed.  I wonder if they chose this timing so I wouldn’t have any options.

Yes I recently switched to a new military plan which was supposed to be $10 a month cheaper than the one I previously had. They also told me that we could get a new phone at $800 off without a trade in. Well he put me on the higher military plan which was $80 higher than the one I had oh and no promotion on the phone at all. Customer care was helpful and fixed me to the correct plan but she couldn't do anything at all about my phone. My husband said we are switching carriers after this. 

I ALSO was scammed. 

I paid off the balanced of $458.00 on my Iphone 14 Pro because I wanted to unlock it and take it overseas. At the time I paid balance I had 21 monthly credits of $12.92.  So they owe me $271.32. They promised to issue the credit in my next bill if I pay the outstanding balance. 

I tried many phone calls and many chats, and I always get a new representative, who knows nothing. I always have to start explaining my case from zero. This new representative conducts a lot research and at the end after wasting a lot more time, they come back and give me a new excuse and false promise.

I think they want to wear me out, so I give up! 

Yes I was scammed by T-Mobile chat employee.  I was checking on an offer for 4 free iPhone 15 and 4 lines for $100 per month.  Was told I didn’t qualify for that promotion but I could get new IPhone 15s for one half off and keep my current plan $55/mo for 2 lines   
I accepted the offer and paid the tax. 
when I got my bill it was only $415 off one phone and  major jump in plan cost.  
i have screen shots of the offer but now they won’t honor it.   Have called and tried to talk with someone only to be promised they would take it to higher level and call me back.   Never happened!  Im sure the person that made the offer was on commission and I got screwed.  
will be taking my business elsewhere