How do you add data to a cellphone WiFi hotspot?

  • 11 August 2023
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I have a typical T-Mobile cellphone account.  WiFi hotspot data is limited to 512 mb/month.  How do I add more data, so that I can continue to use the WiFi hotspot.


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5 replies


T-Mobile sends a text to the cell with a link to add data.  But the link does not function. 

text sent by T-Mobile when hotspot data is reaching limit.


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I would call 611.


I spent a long time on the phone with customer svc.  They initially thought that extra time could be added to cellphone WiFi hotspots.  But the answer is no, T-Mobile does not allow that.  Contrary to what appears on the Internet, once you use up your cellphone WiFi hotspot data allocation, you are done for the month.  The speed is reduced to an unusable 128 kbps.  The texts that T-Mobile sends to your phone about adding extra time when you are about to be cut off are incorrect.

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You are on a legacy plan. Newer plans have a lot more included and can add more to it. Since the legacy plan is no longer offered they no longer offer add-ons or additional lines for the plan. 


Thank you for your reply; that is interesting. This is not what customer support told me.  I suppose I’ll contact them again.