Promo Code says expired but I just received it today

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I received confirmation that I could order the Amazon Echo Show and to use the provided promotion code. I went to the link, but and pasted the promo code but Amazon says “this code has expired” I just got it!  Suggestions?


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Update: T-mobile sent me another email with a new promo code that worked. I received my echo show 8 last week and couldn’t be happier customer. I never want to go back to Verizon or AT&T. Thank you T-mobile!

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Got my new code tonight, without calling T-Mobile. (I don’t have the patience for that sort of thing any longer.)  It worked at Amazon and I should be getting the device tomorrow.

I did not receive a new code, called today, I had to be persistent but told the rep I wanted a new code before getting off the call. I was on hold for awhile but she did follow through, sent the email while I was on the call and had me try the code while she was on the phone, and it worked! Hopefully I'll receive it in a few days. If you don't receive a new email and new code, call and let them know you want a new code while you are on the phone with them. Good luck everyone!

No new promo code here !

Got new code with message"
Oops! We sent you the wrong code - here is your new one. Make sure to redeem by 11/30.

New code worked........ 

I also had this problem. I went through the Home internet sales support number and got a very helpful person who made some calls and told me they knew about the expired codes and that I would get a new one shortly. That came yesterday and worked immediately.

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New code last night and it worked!! 

I just checked my email. There’s a new code and it worked! Delivery scheduled for tomorrow. 

Also having the same issue, "here's your promo code , went to Amazon and they say the code has expired, tried the day I received 10-4-22, the next day 10-5-22, and now today, is this called " False Advertising" on tmobiles part.  If anyone figures this out, please let us know!  Thank you


I just got off the phone CLUELESS had no idea what I was talking about.

I spent over two hours on chat with two TMobile “experts”. Ultimately I was told I would get a new code. Customer service was horrible. Full of contradictions, indecipherable responses and delay. Why hasn't T-Mobile proactively emailed everyone who got an expired code? And I thought Verizon customer service was bad. This was worse!

I called 611, the t-mobile team of experts resolve it in 15 minutes.  He emailed me a new code, wait for me to check out on amazon and completed the order before saying goodbye to me.  I am waiting for my echo shows 8 happily now.  Hope this helps, call 611.

I have the same issue and I’m glad I Googled the issue and was directed to this forum. From what I’ve read T-Mobile is aware of the problem with the code and sending a new this week. Thank you to those that posted the response received regarding a possible solution soon. 

Shame on T-Mobile. They not only do a poor job on following through with their promos, they do a poor job of training their customer care reps to handle customer issues. As a leader in communications and technology they apparently do not keep their reps updated on current issues and how to best help their customers. Oftentimes the rep begins by making the customer believe they are wrong or misunderstood the promo, regardless of what the promo is. Today the rep I was speaking with actually said she would forward my issue up the chain to the Business Intelligence Team. I didn't comment nor do I know if T-Mobile trains their reps to say things like this but my initial thought was that she was saying she was not intelligent enough to handle this issue. Again, shame on T-Mobile for their lack of good training and for not providing their reps with the information to handle issues to the best of their ability. I'm not really expecting to receive a new promo code that works but if it's that simple, post the code here, don't make us continue to wait or call again for a $69 item on Amazon that we should have received weeks ago. 

I messaged them on Facebook and got this:

Hi there, thank you so much for taking the time to connect with us here in T-Force. T-Mobile certainly wants everyone eligible for the Amazon Echo offer to receive a functional code so that it can be redeemed successfully. The trouble being encountered is something we're aware of. Our support teams are engaged and working diligently to resolve this issue. We anticipate replacement offer codes will be delivered via email to all previously approved customers by end of day October 7, 2022. ❤ ^AshleeCooper

Same thing. Received email yesterday and amazon says it has an expired code. Customer service with both Tmob and Amazon couldn't figure it out after a long time on the phone. Anyone have any luck getting this resolved? Not a very good promotion if it doesn't work. So frustrating. 

Update:- A new email with a unique code will be sent to all the impacted customers on Oct 07th 2022 EOD as per the customer rep. This is a known issue.


Same here.  Just got the code via email yesterday.  I put in the code on Amazon checkout and get the message “The promotional code you entered has expired.”  Is it worth calling T-mobile Customer Service to get a different code?

They won’t give you one. They will just tell you they are mailing out new ones on Oct 7th.

Same here.  Just got the code via email yesterday.  I put in the code on Amazon checkout and get the message “The promotional code you entered has expired.”  Is it worth calling T-mobile Customer Service to get a different code?

Received the email at 3:42pm yesterday and tried to redeem at 3:50pm yesterday and stated expired code.

Called T-Mobile was on phone with rep for 30min and then was told to call Amazon.

Called Amazon and was told it was T-Mobile issuing the codes.

Called T-Mobile and was put on hold for over 15min for them to come back and say they will call me back in 1 hour with a brand new code.

No call came.

Today called and the rep did not even seem to know about this promotion at all.

Called again and was transferred to the home internet rep.

That rep then stated they have over 17,000 users with expired codes and that on Oct 7th a new code will be sent out. This to me seems fishy as it’s almost like they are trying to get past the promotion validity date to avoid having to give out the shows.

Same. Just spent 45 minutes on the phone for a rep to finally tell me that I would get a new promotional code via email around October 7. I don’t trust it at all. I’ve let her know that I only have Internet with T-Mobile and was considering changing my phone over, but now I’m not so sure. T-Mobile needs to get it together. Fast.

Same thing happened to me yesterday.  Spent 2.5 hours of my life I will never get back on both live chat and phone. No resolution.  The person on the phone said others had this same issue, and to see this community forum for answers! Really? Thanks to all of you who posted their reply with an anticipated new code issuance by Friday.  Please, lets not all hold out breath til then!

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Hopefully new codes will arrive by Friday. Thanks to those of you who posted your rep responses here.  It’s not an Amazon problem, it is a T-Mobile one, and I trust T-Mobile will get it corrected.

Same issue - reached out to TMobile help on twitter - awaiting a reply