third party purchase limit increase



I would like to increase the third-party purchase limit. How would I go about doing that?


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You can't, they will not allow it. I suspect that most of their customer service policies are from Sprint when they bought Sprint because I've had more problems with T-Mobile and billing and not releasing the third party cap or not resetting when my cycle is reset that I have to contact someone every single month and they give me the same runaround of oh well it's resets specific standard time we're sorry you live in a different time zone oh we're not going to increase or remove that cap because we don't give a f***.

Plus when your cycle starts again and it says you have a zero balance and 31 days left in your thing and all that they still won't remove the cap that's in place even after you paid the bill they claim that they don't have the ability to do so. Until a certain time in the morning when no one's awake and it doesn't matter at that point anyway then they'll reset it they'll still charge you for that day as if it was all functioning but you won't get all functioning just a bill.