Netflix Suspended after changing payment method

  • 26 July 2023
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I recently downgraded my Netflix from Premium to Standard and Netflix said I had to inform TMobile.  At the very same time, I was notified I could no longer use a credit card as my payment method. So I changed my payment method with TMobile and also informed them that I was changing to Standard Netflix.  Now my Netflix account suspended telling me I need to give THEM a new payment method. When I call Netflix, they tell me I pay through TMobile so I need to call THEM about this problem. I was on the phone with a very friendly customer service rep for 30 minutes and she said she fixed it.  I turned on Netflix last night and it still told me my account was on hold.  Today there is a 60 minute wait for customer service and no way to email.  What do I do?


1 reply

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You can try using messenger on one of tmobile's social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter to see if they can help you.