Error "Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later."


I used prepaid account about 7 months and switched to postpaid one week ago. I spoke with 5-7 different t-mobile representative/technicians (spend about 3 hours total) and no one can't help or say when I can use my account. I see "Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later." error message when I am trying to login in. I can't use my Netflix as well without access to my profile.


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Here’s what we have for a workaround on this issue:

  • Make sure you’re not going to a like you bookmarked or saved.
  • Clear your cache/cookies in the browser you’re using.
  • Use the respective links for Prepaid or Postpaid and click the MyT-Mobile on the top right hand corner to log into your account


same issue

I cannot sign in to my account either and my phone is unable to make calls. Can anyone help?

“Looks like we got our wires crossed. We weren’t able to process your request at this time. Please try again later.”

This “try again later” has been for more than a month already, even after I opened a ticket with customer support. Useless online account if I need to call customer support to manage my account/pay bills.

Wow, it cant be that bad. Its more than 2 years and folks like me are still having the same issue. C’mon maan you guys at Tmobile are better than that.


Update, this worked:

Solution!! I finally got in.  This url works “” .  The old one i was trying does not  “”


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well, folks, I am very sorry to report as of Jan. 21st, 2021, the first full day of the Biden Presidency, this issue remains unsolved.  T-Moo is now my new name for this company and I suggest everyone use this name across the entire internet, (which may appear infinite, but in reality is not, ) until this problem is fixed.

Shame on you, T-Moo, for failing to address what would not be tolerated in the America I grew up in. Please make America great again and make yourselves the number 1 Telco by listening to your customers…..businesses used to say the customer was the reason for the existence of the company, but T-Moo must have lost that memo…..

just my two cents- not worth much


Having this issue now. 


Solution!! I finally got in.  This url works “” .  The old one i was trying does not  “”

Same issue here, need to check my usage on my camera and add but cannot

Having the same issue for weeks now.

Doesn’t matter how I try, I can’t get logged in

Same issue.

Still happening over a year later!

I clicked the “forget password” button, reset the password, and get logged in.

Getting this error too.

Can’t get in either :(

Happening again. 


nothing working so far. tried different devices to sign in, different browsers, tried replying to comments, tried signing in with email and phone number.  Any other suggestions?

Hi there,

I found a solution with this very frustrating “ Uh-oh, it looks like we have our wires crossed. Please try again later. “

Please try to log in on a different internet browsers.  I experienced the same error using Firefox browser. So, I have decided to use the Google Chrome and had no problem in logging in to my account.  Hope this works for everybody as well.


This suddenly starting happening to me too.


Yup. Not a very good service. Test.


Edit: you can sign into your acc by trying to comment on your mobile here. But you’ll get stuck at checkout Cart when trying to pay. :(

ETA on the fix?

Same problem here.