The Signal Booster DUO (Band 12) is made of UNOBTANIUM


    I contacted T-Force who did some research and discovered that the Booster Duo that covers Band 12 and announced in a massive press release has been 'out-of-stock" since late December with no restocking date.  Looks like this unit is made of UNOBTANIUM.  I don't understand how T-Mobile can still post a web page with the details of this unit if they have no intention of making them available.  I REPEAT, PER THE PERSON I SPOKE TO AT T-FORCE, THERE HAS BEEN NO UNIT THROUGHOUT THE COMPANY IN STOCK SINCE DECEMBER.  Anyone have an idea of a way to contact the right person at T-Mobile who would honestly explain T-Mobile's future strategy on whether they will actually make these units available.  Going through the normal customer service channels just winds up with an out-of-stock answer - no explanation of why a newly announced offering last November stocked very few units in December and hasn't restocked any in the past FOUR months.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Well, there was that little kerfuffle on Pandora.

        • tmo_nic

          Hi Duhmel,


          I'm sorry you were provided some misinformation. The device hasn't been out of stock since December. It has been on again - off again. We run out of inventory quickly and can't seem to keep it in stock. I just checked our inventory levels and we have that model in stock right now, and have had it in stock since at least last week.


          I'd recommend calling Care to walk through the order.

          • magenta4624127

            I called on Friday and was told they would be shipping me the DUO because I am having problems with my current signal booster. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. I called back today and was told by the tech and his supervisor that T-mobile doesn't have signal boosters that support band 12 yet. After seeing this posting I called again and was told that they do have them but to wait until the 30th and see if the new modernization improves the signal at my house.

              • tmo_amanda

                It's me again and I must say that I got a speedy response back!


                The Band 12 coverage device is the first one you listed and only switches over to Band 12 when absolutely zero signal is available (except band 12). If any other signal is available (even if it's a weak connection), the coverage device won't pick up Band 12. Since these version are currently in stock and you're waiting on a shipment, you may have one heading your way. Did you already receive your order? If so, which version did you receive?

                  • duhmel

                    I have been trying to get the band 12 unit for 6 weeks.  Most of the people

                    that I talk to in tech support, even level 2 don't understand what I am

                    talking about.  So far I have received two boosters that been useless as

                    the only signal (weak) in my house is Band 12.  On my 5th attempt a few

                    days ago I was told that the units were out of stock with no in-stock

                    date.  (they have been out of stock for two months).  I'm curious whether

                    you actually saw a stock of Band 12 units or heard about their in-stock

                    status via hersay?  If you are sure that such units exist, how would you

                    suggest that I connect with someone that knows enough to fulfill my

                    request.  I don't have the energy to educate the tech support personnel

                    about the different boosters and then get an out-of-stock response.

                • dondeleon

                  I've had mine since maybe FEB of this year. Works good. All my devices are working just fine, no drop calls, nada. It's all good.

                  • duhmel

                    Here's an update to my adventure.


                    After getting nowhere through this Forum, tech support or the Facebook Force, I sent off an Facebook email to the T-Mobile CEO and a TWEET to the Senior VP for tech Support.  Within a few hours I was contacted by the Executive Support group and the next day I was told that they had located two Band 12 Booster units for me (for my primary and vacation residences, both of which have poor coverage provided by Band 12.  Twenty-four hours later I had my two units.


                    Unfortunately, getting the units to boost my received LTE signal was tricky since (as I found out later) there is a strong 3G Verizon tower nearby that was capturing the booster unit.  T-Mobile provides minimal documentation with the unit so I couldn't get the Duo combo to boost the T-Mobile LTE signal.  My calls to tech support broght no joy.  As a last resort I went to the Cel-Fi website (they make the booster unit) and found out that they had an app that provides quantitative information of what the booster devices are seeing and how they are operating.  With this I was able to find an area that was somewhat shielded from the Verizon tower and gave me a 1-2 bar LTE signal (-110 dbm).  I have been able to get signals boosted to -80 to -90 in most of my house.  Tomorrow I will call into the Cel-Fi tech support to see if I can do better.


                    So my friends, I learned a few lessons.


                    1) The T-Mobile Executive team is very concerned with customer support and can get things done that the ordinary customer facing support team cannot do

                    2) The T-Mobile inventory system is chaos.  I kept on getting the old Duo unit being sent to me instead of the Duo+ (for Band 12) even though I explicitly asked for the Band 12 unit.  Even after I had returned two Booster units and two mini tower units using prepaid labels provided by T-Mobile, and signed off as having been received by T-mobile, I still get 1-2 letters a week threatening me with having to pay for the units if they weren't weren't returned by March 22.  It took 1 phone call for me to realize that the Level 1 CSR has no tools that will tell them the status of the returned gear.Even though I have an official letter that states that all of my boosters and towers have been returned, I still get a letter every Tuesdaty threatening me with a bill for $138 if the unit isn't returned by by March 22.

                    3) The Tech Support team (even the enhanced level support personnel are no help if you have a problem figuring out where to place the units.  They appear to be unaware of the WAVE software app from Cel-Fi that quantitatively shows the network environment and the operation of the booster units as you change locations.


                    On the positive side - I REALLY like my new iPhone 8 and the T-Mobile service.  In virtually everywhere I go in Orange County I get 3-4 bars of signal.  Unfortunately my house in Newport Beach is just in a low signal area.  About 1/4 mile away there are 3-4 bars of LTE.  There is a new tower scheduled to be installed nearby later in the year so coverage should improve.  Having unlimited calls and data removes second thought of picking up a Face Time call from my grand children when I am out of the house.  The Tuesday feeebies are neat and I picked up a subscription to MLB-TV and save $125.


                    I hope others can use this info to improve their service.  Unless you are in a barren area the combination of Signal Boosters and Wi-Fi calling should provide acceptable service.  If anybody needs some help navigating the Booster DUO+ arena, just drop me a message.



                      • magenta3781781



                        I have had the same problem since December (my coverage inside the house will not pick up the signal except at a window). After many months I finally received the correct booster duo (after many returns). Your message helped alot and downloaded the app you suggested from Cel Fi, however the booster is not boosting the signal. The app from Cel Fi does show its finding the 700 Mhz frequency, but also a 1900 Mhz (believe it's At&t's signal). Although the app shows it's finding the signal, it said it was not boosting it? Not sure why not, so sent that to Cel Fi but haven't heard anything yet. If you have any suggetions or more I would appreciate. Glad hear you got fix on your end, hope can do the same here. I plug my unit up where I have almost 2 bars on my phone (iphone 7) and the signal on the phone works great at that window spot I have the booster set at. The window booster just flashes green, has been on all night. Thanks for any info.



                          • duhmel


                            Your experience is very similar to mine.   Using Field Test on my phone *3001#12345#* I found that I had LTE coverage in my house is between -110 and -120 that changes between Band 2, 4 and 12 depending on the time of day.  4G coverage is usually pretty good.  The Cel-Fi usually locks to a strong Band 2 signal that is listed by the Cel-Fi app as T-mobile 3G CDMA and is always boosted.  Sometimes the booster will lock to a Band 4 LTE signal if that is the strongest one near the Window unit - otherwise it will stay lock to the 3G/4G signal and not boost LTE.  The Band 2 3G/4G signal is always boosted.


                            I sent the log into Cef-fi and started exchanging emails and yesterday spent over a hour with tech support (Evelin) on the phone (858-485-9442, Option 1). I discovered a few things.  She claimed that the strong Band 2 signal that was being boosted that is labeled as 3G CDMA could actually be a 4G T-Mobile signal.  Also - even though the new unit can boost Band 12, T-Mobile has decided to set the software to not boost B12 signals if there is any B2 or B4 signal available.  So even if B12 is the strongest signal received, the unit is set up to not boost it if a weak B2 or B4 signal is present.  However, the weak B2 or B4 signal may be too weak to be locked on by the booster and will not be boosted so the net result is that no LTE signal is boosted.  Evelin told me that Cel-Fi can send a signal to the Booster to allow the B12 LTE to be boosted but that should be the last resort if you are not getting any other band coverage,  I am fiddling on disabling LTE on my phone at home to get it to lock to 4G and see how that works first or to use Wi-Fi calling as a backup before asking for the software change.  I would suggest that you do the Field Test check to see what Bands are in your home and then give Evelin a call.  She is very patient and helpful.  Looks like you have a similar situation as I have.  Let me know how it works out.


                            Marty Melnick

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                              • magenta3781781



                                You are the only one to get the bottom of this issue that I know of; so glad I found your thread. You are correct, all my issues are the same pretty much. When I first saw your message I did contact Cel-Fi, and it was actually Evelin that contacted me. I had sent her a log from the Cel-Fi app and it did show I was getting Band 12 (but not boosted) but also a week band 4 signal but so week it couldn't be boosted. Long story short, Evelin told me that the band 12 wasn't repeating so she had her tech person send me the software change info to only allow the coverage unit to use band 12 only. Once I use that information and hooked up my laptop up to the Cel-Fi coverage unit, I reset the software to only use band 12. That's all it took and it worked great, got full coverage in house now. I wish the T-mobile tech personal were aware of this w/out all of us going through all this trouble. Did you get your issue resolve? If you need the info she sent me regarding setting the unit to use band 12 only, just let me know, or you can probably ask her and she will do it (if you haven't already). Thanks again for getting back with me in this thread. Let me know you if it works out for you as well.

                            • dage9011

                              Hi!! I am experiencing the same run around regarding the band 12 Signal Booster duo. They want to send out the rs3 to me. But I am pretty sure that is the old model. Am I correct in understanding this? How did you contact the Senior management. Did you just tweet them and message them telling them all of the problems that you are having with getting the right one? I hope you can help me. Thanks.

                            • jarrod123

                              Hi I also need signal booster duo + Model D32-21266 i have already recieved 3 of the rs3 regular duo model and they did not work because of band 12 is there any to get Model D32-21266

                              • magenta5833440

                                Its crazy that there are so many folks having the exact same issue getting these magical devices... T-mobile!!! Don't advertise something you can't deliver on! I have been through 4 or 5 of the old devices sending them back as soon as I open the box... PLEASE! Get your system updated, or stop lying with your coverage maps...

                                • dwnoble

                                  I found this post in a quest to find the elusive T-Mobile band 12 signal booster. Here it is almost a year since the last post, and still, T-Mobile support doesn't seem to be aware of the existence of the booster and it is still unobtainable. I'm on my third booster, still the same as the original booster. None will support Band 12. About all I can receive in my area are bands 12 and 71.