Linking T-Mobile account with Mint

Any idea how to link them? Mint is giving me this alert:

T-Mobile blocks Mint from connecting with them.

Let them know you'd like to be able to connect Mint.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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I'm not familiar with Mint. Is this a browser or some sort of service? We definitely want to help you with this.

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Mint is a Finance tracking website / app that is part of the Intuit suite of services.   It is used to track and plan expenses / budgets, it used to work fine with T-Mobile.  For the last few months it has been giving a connection error


T-Mobile blocks Mint from connecting with them.

Let them know you'd like to be able to connect Mint. Meanwhile, you can add a different connection. (155A)


I would also like to be able to have this link back.

Thank You

Same here.  Bring the Mint integration back!  Or that’s one more reason for me to switch.  Your coverage (esp. indoors) is certainly not keeping me (vs. at least AT&T anyways).

Yes please. Provide access to connect T-Mobile Money with Mint.

Yes, agreed. I would like this Mint integration back, as well. 

Yes, please add back integration with Mint. It’s really annoying to not have the ability to do that as I use Mint to manage all of my money. Thank you. 

I just opened a T-Mobile savings account and am shocked you don’t connect with Mint. Please add the integration! 

I also just opened a T-Mobile Money account and it won’t link to ANYTHING, including Mint.  Please fix this!

I too am disappointed this integration stopped working and would request it be brought back. Is there a way to be notified about decisions regarding Mint?

I’m also a T-Mobile money account holder and that integration has never worked either. 

Agreed.  I just signed up with T-Mobile Money and was excited to use their banking services until I found out that they don’t integrate with Mint.  Every other financial institution links with Mint, so it’s pretty uncompetitive for T-Mobile Bank to not allow this functionality!