Unable to make payment

  • 14 February 2016
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I want to pay my bill but your system does not want to accept it. Your system shows "Enter a valid card number" or "Enter a valid routing number" for the cards/accounts that have been used for a long time to pay T-Mobile bills without any problems before. That looks to me like a bug in your web/payment system. Please let me know how to overcome this issue.

53 replies

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Hmm that's a little odd. I did some checking on this and didn't find anything going on with the payment system. Are you able to try making the payment using the automated system or the MyAccount app?

I'm currently having the same issue, trying to pay my bill but I keep receiving an error "Enter a valid card number." I tried two different cards and I still get the same error.

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Hey @mad_cow  and sorry it's giving you a rough time but let's get you some help. What browser are you using? Have you tired another browser? Is it just happening on the website or have you also tested the T-Mobile app to see if you can make a payment? Please let us know so we can help. Thanks!

I have the same problem - for some reason the system does not show the credit card you guys have on file and forced me to add a new card - I enter a valid credit card number - and the validation states its not a valid credit card number

Using Firefox 54.4.1 (64bit)

I tried Safari - and there the existing credit card is shown, and payment went through without a problem

I am also unable to make a payment. However only on Chrome, Edge worked. Chrome not only does not allow any credit card number it will not show the ones you have saved either. This is on multiple computers. Please fix the issue.

Same here.. did not work with google chrome, but worked on edge.

I had trouble refill my phone from Denmark I could not get in to my account ,I got to the part where show the image ,but there were none.

and then try again after 24 hours ,the same happened every day, I am now past my dead.line and lost my money,

my soninlaw has away that make the browser think you are in USA , and it worked on my husbands account , but when we tried again for me

it failed .

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Since it's not working on Chrome, have you checked to see if there are any updates for that browser? You could also try clearing the history for it and giving it another shot to see if that helps. If this is still an issue, please let me know. Thanks!

My issue somehow fixed itself two days later for no reason at all. I had tried Firefox and Chrome and both had not worked, but now they work. Weird.

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That's great news that yours is working @mad_cow .

Has anyone checked out the payment option to see if it's working? Please keep us posted.

Same issue when making a payment "Enter a valid card number" keep displaying in red.  I've tried Firefox and Edge browsers and different credit cards.  But making a payments using my iPhone appears to be working.

It seems those new "green" TMobil cards are useless thru the TMobil system. I spent 50.00 to pay for another month of service at a Walgreen's store and tried to activate it thru phone, TMobil app, and even thru the chat with a representative and it couldn't go thru with them trying to activate it themselves The manager at the store where I bought it said it was processed the right way, and they don't refund money. The new TMobil green cards come with a 15 number pin and not with the usual 10 like before, so it seems to me that their system is not up to date and it's screwed. I talked to a representative for a second time and he told me that he was going to credit me 50.00 for the next month.I just came to check my TMobil account after midnight to see if I was credited for those 50.00 as their representative said and it hasn't been done, and my phone service expires in about 12 hours. It's unbelievable how a big corporation like TMobil can't tackle and solve a problem within their system.

I posted this for anyone who has the same issues and see that it's not an isolated incident!

I'm having exactly the same issue as well. I am on Windows 7 and have tried both Chrome and Firefox (both are fully updated). I cleared my history and cache on Chrome, and it still comes up with the message in red "Enter a valid credit card number" when I try to enter my details. I tried another card, but got the same result. Both cards I tried were 16 digit Visa card number, if that makes any difference. I will try and figure out how to pay on the phone app, but it is much more convenient for me to pay on the computer. Please let me know if there's any additional info I can provide.

Same exact experience as the original poster and my Bill is due today.

Invalid Credit Card Number.. the entry format shows 2222-2222-2222-2222  but only digits are allowed 2222222222222 no other characters register.

Fix This! Seriously thinking about heading back to Verizon.

Using Latest FireFox

Same problem here for 2nd month in a row. Called Customer Service and it took 4 times explaining the problem for the girl to understand, even after walking her through the Pay My Bill process and explaining the steps as I proceeded.  The payment method is still in the system as customer service can see it but it's not showing up online (Add a payment method) is shown but it won't allow adding the same card back in .  (Invalid card number).  

Someone needs to fix this problem.


Like the previous comment this is the second month that your system will not take a payment method using Chrome or Edge I'm not going to download another browser to try and pay my bill this is unacceptable you need to fix your billing system ASAP maybe it's hacked all these people who are having this issue can't be wrong!

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We totally understand this is very important. At this time, we have enough examples of this error and our engineering folks are working hard to get this resolved. You can always Community-2153  until we've resolved this and the payment system is working like normal.

The thing that was disconcerting about this is when I first signed on Nov. 13th to pay my bill, none of my previous payment information was available, after several tries of trying to re-enter the same info and getting an odd "that email address has already been used" I became concerned and wondered what had happened to the personal info, had the site been hacked, did I just give away my credit card information? If I hadn't received an email from dc5fan I wouldn't have been able to reply as not only had the payment information been hosed, but community sign-on was broken and apparently all my preferences had been reset to default. (I shouldn't have received emails). I finally used messaging to get my credit card info back, but where was it? Anyway, from a professional standpoint, this is very amateurish behavior.


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I see your concern @clarence23​ but there's been no hacking. The site has been a bit fussy for some folks with payments but it's being worked on by our internal teams. We know your info is important so we do our best to make sure we protect it when you use our services.

I am having the same problem. This only started within the last month or so. Can no longer make payments online without the endless "Please enter a valid card" loop.

There is nothing wrong with my card. Have tried on my home Desktop, My phone, and my friends PC. This is on T-Mobiles end and I seriously hope it is fixed soon.

This is still not working..  Please either fix this now or undo whatever genius untested changes were made that screwed it up, test it on your own time and make sure it works before you re-deploy those changes.


For those still having this problem, I may have found a temporary work around.

Use the T-Mobile app on your phone to access your account, and make a payment from there. I tried this on a whim earlier and it worked.

Not a great solution, but until the website is fixed this may save you some trouble.

For the third month in a row this is still a problem. I'm on the newest release of Chrome on Mac OS High Sierra.

I have a valid credit card on file but it doesn't show up in the list and I cannot add a new card.

I'm able to use Safari as a work around.

There are errors and deprecation notices that show up in the JavaScript console within Chrome, likely meaning the software being used is out of date. This should not be a 3 month fix. At the very least create a patch or work around until you can update the entire system.

Chrome is the most popular browser. Letting this persist for so long makes me question how much you value your customers since it creates a frustrating user experience.

I understand that your development team is probably really busy but this is important and likely impacts a lot more people than are posting on here.

Unbelievable isn't it? doesn't give one much confidence in T-moble, this should not be happening. I had to use their messaging system to alert people that this was even happening. THey finally got my account straightened out but I wonder where my personal data was for a few week.

T-Mobile... this is unprofessional. spend some money and get some quality software people onboard.  You customers should not have their personal data messed with, your customers should not be you beta testers.

Yes this is the way I've been paying for the last three months but not my preferred method. Thanks for the tip to help others