Change voicemail from spanish to english?

  • 5 September 2016
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30 replies

Wow! a month of no voicemail. Site after site and nothing worked at all. Until this post. This one did the trick. I can’t believe this issue has persisted for this long. On pros and cons for choosing or not choosing a carrier, this is definitely a con. Changes to Spanish randomly. At least now I can use it again, NO THANKS to T-Mobile.

I can't switch my.langue. from Spanish back to English what the f___k is going on 

  • 4 7 worked  for me.

Hey @sakethia3 and thanks for coming to our support site!


Are you trying to change the language in your Visual Voicemail App or through the voicemail system when you call it?


Want to change my voicemail from Spanish to English