Change voicemail from spanish to english?

  • 5 September 2016
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Change voicemail from spanish to back to english?


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Hey @sakethia3 and thanks for coming to our support site!

Are you trying to change the language in your Visual Voicemail App or through the voicemail system when you call it?

Its through my voicemail system when i call it.

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Okay. There's a specific way to navigate through this menu to change it yourself (no español knowledge required 😉)

When you call the system, press 4, that'll bring you to Mailbox Options.

Then, press 4 again and that'll take you to Playback Options.

Lastly, you'll press 7 to change the language to English.

Thank you, i just tried that, it didnt work its just a lot of spanish i dont understand what shes saying. I just pressed 4 twice and 7. Still spanish.

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Oh bummer. Thanks for giving it the good ol college try. At this point, you'll want to contact our T-Force team using the Twitter or FB links in my badge. They can access your account and switch language over for you. They are available 24/7 so you can shoot them a message now, and they'll get it taken care of.

‌tthank you! It's work, and back to English.

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Hey @shanmala6072

Thanks for stopping by to let us know this worked. We love hearing when folks have success getting things like this working!

when i call it. my phone is also lost in the house some where that's the next problem lol

4, 4, 7 no longer works.  No way known to change from the Spanish "black hole".

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What if you hit star for the main menu, then 4 for mail box options, then 7 for language settings? Does that allow you to change it?

Press 4....then 7

Press 4....then 7

Thanks so much cause I was starting to get frustrated 😂🤣

This happened to my mother’s phone.  Good news is that if you press 4 and listen all the way to the end, it will tell you in the other language to press 7.


Bad news is T-Mobile set this up so that the command to delete a message that you use all of the time is the same one that can switch languages if you are not listening to the message any longer.  This seems plain dumb.

I can’t believe this (particular) thread is 5 years old and as of four days ago - according to KCB above - it’s STILL an issue. This press 7 to delete a vm but it switches your system to another language is absolutely ridiculous. I just spent 30+ absolutely frustrating min on the main website *trying* to troubleshoot this for my 87yr old dad and finally gave up and was more than happy to spend the next 5min venting my frustrations about that experience in the survey they offered.

A quick & simple google search led me here so thanks for the easy explanation as to WHY this happens and the answer how to fix it. It’s not rocket science T-Mobile… Please do better.

Call your voicemail and type in your pin followed by #. Press 4 for options, then 7 for English. After you hear the options in English, you can hang up. 

What if you hit star for the main menu, then 4 for mail box options, then 7 for language settings? Does that allow you to change it?

That worked!  I wonder how it got changed to Spanish in the first place.  I have had this phone for years.

My phone randomly changed to Spanish too! I used my pin...then 4...then 7. Back to English. Thank you!