Galaxy Watch LTE duplicate messages

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Hello, i was wondering if perhaps you had any update on the duplicate text messages issue. Thanks

I am having this problem as well. It's so frustrating!

Thank you that would be great!

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Hey, @magenta6231016 and @floresr639​!

This would drive me up the wall and thankfully my watch doesn't do this. I'm going to check with my Samsung guru to see if I can get a solid answer on this. I'll make sure to hop back on this thread once I have an answer which is hopefully different from the ones you both have been given. *fingers crossed*

Thanks for the information, this is bull*$*$. I also was on the phone with Tmobile and supposedly they have no reported issues and will be creating a "Ticket." Whatever the sht that means.  unforuntely i will have  i i will be returning the watch as well, makes no sense to pay all this money plus the service for something that does not work properly and thats how its "designed " good job tmobile and samsung  

Hey guys dont waste your time with this

Spoke with tmoble and unfortunately this is how the samsung galaxy watch was "designed" for the lte model. I put it in quotes because it wasnt designed that way, they rigged it to work lol. This issue doesnt exist with the apple watch. The apple watch works and synce correctly on lte and its because of imessage. So the issue isnt 100% tmobles fault but come on tmoble your killing it right now, dont sell subpar equipment just to get it to consumers. Im reading literally 100's of people all across the internet (reddit, here, other forums, etc) return this device. Ive made more peofiles across more websites over the last 24 hours to discuss this issue then i have all year. To summerize the watch is broken on lte. Great watch, get the bluetooth model. Or switch to apple unfortunately if you want a working lte watch. Please do not mark this as "solved" you saying the watch is working as intended doesnt mean that it is.

Hi, im having the exact same problem with my Samsung Galaxy Watch.... once i disconnect my watch from bluetooth, a bunch of my old messages begin to come in and my watch keeps buzzin and buzzin. Any help with this issue? Thank you