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As the title says I am getting duplicate messages to my galaxy watch. When im connected to bluetooth everything works fine, texts sync properly when read on one device. However whenever i disconnect from my phone and switch to LTE i get every text ever all pver again. Literally 1000's. You would think the solution would be to leave lte on all the time? Wrong. When i leave lte on all the time then my watch and phone dont sync! If i read the text on my watch it wont update ththe phone anand vice versa. The point of the watch is to be able for the phone and watch to sync AND to leave your phone behind. Ive read dozens of users experienceing the same problem whats the fix tmoble? Ps this isnt an issue with the apple watch lte


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Hi everyone, I just got off the phone with T-mo for another issue so I had them transfer me to the digits dept. They are aware of the problem. He said it is on their back end and have had success with a fix with others. He took my numbers and said to give it 48 hours and do a restart of both devices. Also he said you have to call in so they can expedite a fix. PLEASE call them and let them know your issue! They need your phone number and digits number for the fix. I guess I'll find out Thursday if it was fixed!

I’m having the same problem with my 3! Just switched from iphone and i never had these issues with the apple watch!

Yes.  I have Apple watch as well and no issue like this ever.  However, I’m not blaming Samsung as this appears to be a T-Mobile issue.  I’m asking T-Mobile to assign a higher level engineer to my ticket.  Clearly it’s not a problem with my phone, SIM, wifi, etc.  

Tired of all the dumb troubleshooting steps.  

Hey guys dont waste your time with this

Spoke with tmoble and unfortunately this is how the samsung galaxy watch was "designed" for the lte model. I put it in quotes because it wasnt designed that way, they rigged it to work lol. This issue doesnt exist with the apple watch. The apple watch works and synce correctly on lte and its because of imessage. So the issue isnt 100% tmobles fault but come on tmoble your killing it right now, dont sell subpar equipment just to get it to consumers. Im reading literally 100's of people all across the internet (reddit, here, other forums, etc) return this device. Ive made more peofiles across more websites over the last 24 hours to discuss this issue then i have all year. To summerize the watch is broken on lte. Great watch, get the bluetooth model. Or switch to apple unfortunately if you want a working lte watch. Please do not mark this as "solved" you saying the watch is working as intended doesnt mean that it is.

Amanda, I haven't had the issue with the duplicate messages since the Samsung rep set my watch up. (The settings are above in one of my posts) The battery issue is better than the last watch lasting about 15 hours average not 3 hours. I'm assuming this watch came with the update because I have no updates available.

I have a post above how the samsung rep set up my second watch and it does help with the duplicate message problem. I am getting 15-16 hours average, maybe a little more. Mine is the 42mm. I have 6 hours 37 min 27 seconds since last full charge and I'm at 78%.

It worked for me and I think is how it's supposed to work until they get a better solution. 

The settings I posted was at the recommendation of the Samsung rep when I got my replacement. I was just putting out there what he recommended.  I understand it's a quick fix and does need to be followed up on.

Mine does the same thing. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

Me, my wife, and my sister in law are all having this issue with our watches. I wish I had known about this issue sooner as it would have been a deal breaker for me and I am past the window for a return. Our household has now spent ~$800 on two of these watches and only recently did I discover this problem, as I'm usually on BT.

I acknowledge that the always on LTE/Disable Bluetooth settings do fix the flood of notifications issue, but it still duplicates the notifications on both phone and watch which is almost as annoying. As mentioned above, I also do not accept this as a solution.

If this issue isn't resolved, what are my options as a customer past the 14 day mark? Just sell the watch privately? I don't think that's fair since this is a defect in the software/system and not just because "I changed my mind". Reading about all these returns makes me regret my purchase.

Purchased 2 Galaxy watches this week for Xmas.  42 and 46 mm. Same issue on both watches. Neither of us are running DIGITS. I tend to believe root cause was explained by @magenta6898941 above. Using LTE full time defeats the basic purpose of why these watches were marketed and sold to the TMobile customer community. It’s sad to see this thread go on for over 3 months now and no official update that the issue has been acknowledge as a TMobile problem and a fix is being taken seriously and being worked on. Having hundreds of messages buzz our watches every time we lose a BT connection just isn’t sustainable.

I had a Gear S3 on Verizon prior to this and it worked just fine. The fact that this was discovered and reported by the customer community is also troubling. This is a blatant problem. I really enjoyed moving over to TMobile and the experience but they have really missed the mark with not addressing this prior to release. Its really frustrating not to be able to take advantage of the latest technology.  I’ll give it another week and scour other forums for a fix before we return both devices. If I find anything I’ll post here. Good luck all.

I have the same issue with my new Galaxy Watch 3. This issue with cached messages flooding the watch when disconnected from the phone did not occur on Verizon with the same watch. This is a solvable issue T-Mobile!

My concern is that having LTE set to be always on will drain the battery very quickly. 

My hope is that, since competitors to T-Mobile can correctly sync messages through their DIGITS equivalent, that T-Mobile will get this corrected ASAP.

I found a process that resolved this issue on both my watch and my wife's watch.  We both have the Active 2 (but in different sizes).  I am a t-mobile fan but did find it frustrating that I was told several times that the receiving a duplicate notification for every text every time I switched from Bluetooth to cellular data was normal.  The process I will detail below fixed 2 issues for both my wife and I.  Hopefully it can help others.  We have S10e phones but I suspect this will work on any android phone.

First the problems:

1. Getting duplicate notification on the watch every time the watch connects to cellular network.

2. Both watches had a voicemail notification that could not be cleared.  (I was told that I would just need to ignore it)

Now the fix.  I have no idea if all of this is needed but I will describe the exact steps I took that fixed both issues.  I waited a week to ensure it really seemed fixed it on my watch and then did it with my wife's watch.  Both watches are fixed of these 2 issues.  It takes about 10-20 minutes assuming minimal call times.

1. Go to the Wear app on your phone.  Then choose "Mobile Networks".  The click the 3 dots and choose "Reset Mobile Networks" (your watch will reboot and will no longer have access to the t-mobile network.  You'll have to call T-mobile to restore network connectivity so do it when you have time to call t-mobile.)

2. Call t-mobile.  Ask to be connected to DIGITS support.  They will likely want to try other things but stick to the process.   Tell them you reset the network and you need to re-add it to your watch.  They will text you a code and you will follow the prompts to add a network in that same menu in the Wear app on the phone.  Once the watch is re-added to network it will reboot.

3. Now have them change your DIGITS plan to a regular phone plan.

4. The t-mobile employee will then need to call your WATCH number (not your cell number) and leave a voicemail.  Make sure they say at least a sentence as very short messages won't register.  You will get a notification on your watch that you have a voicemail.  Either click the link in the notification or dial 123 from your watch (not your phone).  You will have to set-up the voicemail.  Once setup you need to play the message the employee just left and hit 7 to delete.

5. Now have t-mobile change the watch line back to a DIGITS line.

That's it.  The voicemail notification should be gone and duplicate notifications should be fixed.  I suspect you don't need step 5 if you only have the duplicate notification issue but might be better to just do everything.  Like I said before, I am a t-mobile fan but it is frustrating to be told to just live with it or that the issue is how it is designed when it is clearly an issue with t-mobile.

T-mobile (if you read this) please clean-up this process into a useful KB and ensure all support staff is made aware that there is a fix.  You could even troubleshoot this and see what steps are and are not needed to make it more streamlined.

I have a theory on why this happened.  When we went to the local t-mobile store to get the watches they didn't have what we wanted in stock.  So they ordered them for us.  However, they wanted to activate the new lines for the watches in the store (I suspect that benefits them - which is fine).  So they activated the new watch lines to SIM cards they had in the store and told me when the watches arrived to come in and they would switch the lines to the SIM built into the watch.  I did just that.  I suspect something about having the lines initially activated to the SIM cards in-store and then changed to the watch SIMs caused the issue.  Perhaps that process was done incorrectly in my case or perhaps it needs fixed and then the issue would be resolved before it starts.

I never post to these things but have really enjoyed the watch so much more since fixing both issues and wanted to share.  T-mobile - there are numerous people in these forums who have just returned the watch had given up (and some that likely left t-mobile over it).  I'd take the time to get this fixed.


I’m having the same problem with my 3! Just switched from iphone and i never had these issues with the apple watch!

 @dupsla and @magenta6238774 , thank you both! I sent a PM your way which should be in your inbox. I also agree about the latest update which is something I'll include in feedback because I do think @magenta6898941 has a great point.

I am having the same issue and it's 2 years later! I'd there a solution?

And it looks like its doing it again! 

I was on the phone with the Digits team yesterday.  They said to turn LTE on all the time on the watch. That didn’t do anything except I got the duplicate texts one right after the other.  Plus it will kill the battery.  

I have an open ticket with the engineering team that I asked to be escalated.  Not hopeful, but we’ll see.  May start hitting up both T-Mobile and Samsung on Twitter.  This is unacceptable. 

this watch is trash!!! I have the brand new Samsung galaxy 3 watch and every time it disconnects from phone I get flooded with duplicate messages. This is as of OCT 2020. It happened so much I havent even had the watxh for 11 days it drained the battery so much it doesn't charge right. It constantly drains my watch as I disconnect often.......the iwatch did this....... i love my saumg phone amd.switchwd after 14 years with apple products. However the watch is complete trash and useless to meike this. I couldn't even do one hike and every time I picked up signal it would resend the same messages over and over and drained my battery after only 6 hours of.use... total trash 🗑 😒 

Under connections:

Bluetooth on

Mobile networks always on

Mobile data on

Wifi auto

Wifi networks connected using networks

I disabled the report diagnostic also.

On the phone in the app under watch connection all 3 of the settings are enabled, remote connection, connection notification and wifi sync.

Restart after all settings are changed.

I'm going to watch it a few days/week to see if the battery lasts. It was at 100% at 9am and it's at 62% now at 3:30. It did update so I'll give it a few days to settle in with new watch syndrome.  

I hope this helps and I'm hoping it's not a battery killer!


that's what i'm afraid of having to do, is toggle the "always on" feature on the mobile data as that DOES seem to prevent the duplicate messages.  The problem i have with that is that with it set to "auto" i get 3 days and 2 nights of battery before i have to charge my watch.  With mobile data always on I am using about 6% of battery per hour meaning that my watch won't even last a full day which is not acceptable for me considering the device was advertised to have a 5 day battery (i have the 46mm).  I don't expect actually getting that long but I don't feel that we should have to sacrifice the battery life completely just to fix a bug.

It would be great if there was any more information on the issue from T-mobile's perspective, because TBH I am getting pointed both ways.  Samsung has indicated to me that it is an issue with how my DIGITS is set up that is causing the duplication while T-Mobile is indicating that it's a software issue on the watch itself. 

Would my DIGITS not being set up properly cause this? 

I honestly don't think it's on the digits side. I think its something in the software.  Yesterday was the first day with the replaced watch and the new settings. I got 14.5 hours and it had 15% when I went to bed. Today I'm hitting about 5% per hour so far. So far everything is working correctly. I checked the battery usage and it is showing watch faces using the most (15%) which I'm using a stock dark face. Also notifications at 11%. I'm going to keep an eye over it the next week and see if it improves. I figured the first day or so would be a little less because of updates. Also the advertised battery life being on the longer side was for the BT version and size 42mm vs 46mm. Even the best of the best of smart watches have a 2 day battery life. If I get that or close I'll be happy!

I was asking about DIGITS in reference to the original issue being discussed on this thread which pertains to duplicate text messages being received when on LTE, not battery life.  I am hoping that someone with T-Mobile can clarify if an issue with how they set up DIGITS on my watch could be what is causing that to happen as that is what Samsung is implying.

Hi dupsla, many thanks for sharing your watch settings! Since re-toggling the settings, I'm getting better battery life as well; after 12 hours I was at 25%.

To T-Mobile tech:

I'm not sure where DIGITS ends and software begins, but I think it has to do something with the intersection of these, and it does relate to battery life.

It looks to me that if the watch is not communicating through LTE and using the DIGITS framework, incoming messages are just stored until such a connection is made. This would happen when disconnecting from a BT-linked watch with LTE on AUTO (LTE off if BT is on). This behavior makes sense for a phone as most of the time it would be connected to a mobile network / LTE. For the current watches, however, the problem is that having LTE on shortens battery life from the two or more days (which we get with for BT modes) to less than a day. It would be a great thing to be able to keep LTE off when there are other connections to the phone available, but then the messages get stored for later delivery when there is a mobile / LTE reconnect. I get the same behavior when I start DIGITS on my iPad, all the messages that piled up since the last time there was a connection now come through.

So, better synchronization of messages across devices through DIGITS would potentially solve this, whether it is in the watch software or DIGITS infrastructure. My Apple-centric colleagues tell me duplicate messages aren't an issue in that system, so iMessage evidently sorted this out. I hope I am just missing a setting somewhere, and look forward to a solution.

It would be great if it know when it is paired with a phone and any messages batched while that pairing is in place do not go through.  That would solve the duplicates.  Or just somehow allow them to arrive instantaneously instead of 1 at a time.  Anything is better than what is is because as mentioned above, turning on always on LTE DOES appear to solve the problem, but it also reduces the battery life to a level that is not acceptable.  My watch lasts 3 days with LTE set to auto and less than 16 hours with it always on.

There MUST be a work around.  Please let us know if you are still actively looking into this or not.

Still having this problem ! Happening on my watch as well as my wifes. Once disconnected from bluetooth and transfered to the mobile network, we are getting 80+ text that we have already received. Tmobile tonight said the update released on Oct. 19th should have fixed the issue but it did not.

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I was under the impression, that if you were to run 2 regular app messages on your phone, it will always duplicate to a watch.


so if you were to have messages and the one that came with your phone, messaging, whatever you want to call it, one has to be fully disabled.


if you use messages, then the built in one has to be disabled. some you cannot. so simply disable it’s data in back ground mode, turn off all of it’s permissions, turn off that it can draw on top of other apps, etc. restart and this can greatly help.


when more than one messaging app (for mms or data texting, etc) is installed on the phone. It will receive that signal twice. should correct duplicates on the phone, texts, notification sent to watches, etc. good luck.

They didnt fix sh**t. Ridiculous