Galaxy Watch LTE duplicate messages

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Amanda, I haven't had the issue with the duplicate messages since the Samsung rep set my watch up. (The settings are above in one of my posts) The battery issue is better than the last watch lasting about 15 hours average not 3 hours. I'm assuming this watch came with the update because I have no updates available.

Hello, I am having the same issues once my phone and watch are not connected via bluetooth. I copied the following settings:

Under the watch Settings/Connections:

     Bluetooth: Off

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Networks: Always on

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Data: On

     Mobile Networks/Data Roaming: On

     Mobile Networks/Network Mode: LTE/3G (auto connect)

     Wi-Fi: Off

     NFC: Off

Let's see what this does. I just did it, its 12:16pm and I am at 86%. Let's see what happens by the time I go to bed.

Same here, the update did not help getting duplicate messages when switching from BT connection between the watch and phone to standalone.

I am very interested to hear if this problem exists on the AT&T or Verizon systems, or if it is specific to T-Mobile/DIGITS.

The latest update didnt appear to do anything to help duplicate messages.  It seems to be just as bad as it was previously.

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I totally understand, @antuus​!

For everyone else, I received a reply back that Samsung is going to need to take a deeper dive into this. They also wanted to know if the latest update made any other improvements to the duplicate messages being received.

I returned my device yesterday.  Couldn't risk being the guy that knew the was a problem but waited too long to do anything about it.  Hope you guys figure it out.

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Just wanted to send an update your way that I still don't have any news. However, I requested another update today. I'm sorry for the delay but please know I'm doing my best to get you answers.

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Hi there!

I know Amanda's still working on this one for you so we'll keep this thread open.

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Hey Everyone! I should hear something back tomorrow and will update you right away.

Same here.  Get a backlog of texts to my watch when I go out of range of my phone.  Didn't have this issue with Att's watch pairing.  

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I'm definitely still working on this and I apologize for the silence. My contact that I've been working with to report the issues and get this fixed is out of the office until next Tuesday. I'm hoping I have answers soon because again, I can't imagine how much of a pain this is for each of you.

They didnt fix sh**t. Ridiculous

Still having this problem ! Happening on my watch as well as my wifes. Once disconnected from bluetooth and transfered to the mobile network, we are getting 80+ text that we have already received. Tmobile tonight said the update released on Oct. 19th should have fixed the issue but it did not.

It would be great if it know when it is paired with a phone and any messages batched while that pairing is in place do not go through.  That would solve the duplicates.  Or just somehow allow them to arrive instantaneously instead of 1 at a time.  Anything is better than what is is because as mentioned above, turning on always on LTE DOES appear to solve the problem, but it also reduces the battery life to a level that is not acceptable.  My watch lasts 3 days with LTE set to auto and less than 16 hours with it always on.

There MUST be a work around.  Please let us know if you are still actively looking into this or not.

Hi dupsla, many thanks for sharing your watch settings! Since re-toggling the settings, I'm getting better battery life as well; after 12 hours I was at 25%.

To T-Mobile tech:

I'm not sure where DIGITS ends and software begins, but I think it has to do something with the intersection of these, and it does relate to battery life.

It looks to me that if the watch is not communicating through LTE and using the DIGITS framework, incoming messages are just stored until such a connection is made. This would happen when disconnecting from a BT-linked watch with LTE on AUTO (LTE off if BT is on). This behavior makes sense for a phone as most of the time it would be connected to a mobile network / LTE. For the current watches, however, the problem is that having LTE on shortens battery life from the two or more days (which we get with for BT modes) to less than a day. It would be a great thing to be able to keep LTE off when there are other connections to the phone available, but then the messages get stored for later delivery when there is a mobile / LTE reconnect. I get the same behavior when I start DIGITS on my iPad, all the messages that piled up since the last time there was a connection now come through.

So, better synchronization of messages across devices through DIGITS would potentially solve this, whether it is in the watch software or DIGITS infrastructure. My Apple-centric colleagues tell me duplicate messages aren't an issue in that system, so iMessage evidently sorted this out. I hope I am just missing a setting somewhere, and look forward to a solution.

I was asking about DIGITS in reference to the original issue being discussed on this thread which pertains to duplicate text messages being received when on LTE, not battery life.  I am hoping that someone with T-Mobile can clarify if an issue with how they set up DIGITS on my watch could be what is causing that to happen as that is what Samsung is implying.

I honestly don't think it's on the digits side. I think its something in the software.  Yesterday was the first day with the replaced watch and the new settings. I got 14.5 hours and it had 15% when I went to bed. Today I'm hitting about 5% per hour so far. So far everything is working correctly. I checked the battery usage and it is showing watch faces using the most (15%) which I'm using a stock dark face. Also notifications at 11%. I'm going to keep an eye over it the next week and see if it improves. I figured the first day or so would be a little less because of updates. Also the advertised battery life being on the longer side was for the BT version and size 42mm vs 46mm. Even the best of the best of smart watches have a 2 day battery life. If I get that or close I'll be happy!

that's what i'm afraid of having to do, is toggle the "always on" feature on the mobile data as that DOES seem to prevent the duplicate messages.  The problem i have with that is that with it set to "auto" i get 3 days and 2 nights of battery before i have to charge my watch.  With mobile data always on I am using about 6% of battery per hour meaning that my watch won't even last a full day which is not acceptable for me considering the device was advertised to have a 5 day battery (i have the 46mm).  I don't expect actually getting that long but I don't feel that we should have to sacrifice the battery life completely just to fix a bug.

It would be great if there was any more information on the issue from T-mobile's perspective, because TBH I am getting pointed both ways.  Samsung has indicated to me that it is an issue with how my DIGITS is set up that is causing the duplication while T-Mobile is indicating that it's a software issue on the watch itself. 

Would my DIGITS not being set up properly cause this? 

Under connections:

Bluetooth on

Mobile networks always on

Mobile data on

Wifi auto

Wifi networks connected using networks

I disabled the report diagnostic also.

On the phone in the app under watch connection all 3 of the settings are enabled, remote connection, connection notification and wifi sync.

Restart after all settings are changed.

I'm going to watch it a few days/week to see if the battery lasts. It was at 100% at 9am and it's at 62% now at 3:30. It did update so I'll give it a few days to settle in with new watch syndrome.  

I hope this helps and I'm hoping it's not a battery killer!


Hi Dupsla-

Great to hear the new one is working well! I would very much appreciate your insight into the settings I'm using:

Under the watch Settings/Connections:

     Bluetooth: Off

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Networks: Always on

     Mobile Networks/Mobile Data: On

     Mobile Networks/Data Roaming: On

     Mobile Networks/Network Mode: LTE/3G (auto connect)

     Wi-Fi: Off

     NFC: Off

My understanding is that this would keep the watch on LTE - no bluetooth of Wi-fi connection, but communication with my phone through the Samsung account. This setup was the best before the update, providing decent battery life, no duplicate/past messages coming in when switching to LTE-only, and only a few quirks.

This morning, I re-toggled all the settings listed above (turned them to their other states and back) and am getting better battery life today (5 hrs and battery at 70%) so things are looking better.

Many thanks for any insight you can offer!

T mobile ended up warranty replacing my watch. I just recieved the new one yesterday. They called in the Samsung rep to help set it up. So far so good. He has me testing the battery with the new settings. LTE is always on and it does work but the battery drain on the first one was with in 3 hours dead. So I am testing this one. Another problem I was having was a couple people in my contacts, their number was coming thru as the digits number. That happened a couple times last night but has corrected itself as of now. Anyways I can go over the settings if you like for the message problem how he set it up, but keep in mind I do not know how the battery life will be. I'm hoping for at least 14 hours. Also this one updated the software this morning with the newest version.

Just a one-user warning story, don't update the watch software. I got a notification this past weekend that one was available, so am now on R815USQU1BRJ3. On LTE, battery drain has dramatically gone up. Starting from a full battery at 8AM, I used to have about 50% at 7PM. Past two days, the battery ran out of power around 6PM.

Has there been any update to this?  My watch is still doing this and it essentially makes the LTE function useless as anytime i disconnect from bluetooth the next 20 minutes are spent receiving old texts.. i took my dog for a walk and the entire time we were out my watch was vibrating..  I dont want to have to turn off notifications b/c that defeats the purpose.

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Just wanted to give a quick update that I'm still waiting back on a different solution/work around. As soon as I hear back, I'll be sure to update the thread.

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Oh nooooo!! Let me update the people I'm working with and let them know that the steps I provided didn't work.