Galaxy Watch LTE duplicate messages

As the title says I am getting duplicate messages to my galaxy watch. When im connected to bluetooth everything works fine, texts sync properly when read on one device. However whenever i disconnect from my phone and switch to LTE i get every text ever all pver again. Literally 1000's. You would think the solution would be to leave lte on all the time? Wrong. When i leave lte on all the time then my watch and phone dont sync! If i read the text on my watch it wont update ththe phone anand vice versa. The point of the watch is to be able for the phone and watch to sync AND to leave your phone behind. Ive read dozens of users experienceing the same problem whats the fix tmoble? Ps this isnt an issue with the apple watch lte


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Same here. It seems that TMO has their story straight at least now.

Somewhat. A few months ago talking with 5 different people would give you

like 8 different answers SMH. And the current solution is a work around at


I bought mine in Feb 2018 and I replaced it twice. Took 3 months to get it

homework right and that was all Digits problems. Seem ok now as long as I

stay connect thru BT. Drop that nd battery life goes to Hell plus all the

dupes come in.

I've had this problem since the beginning. The problem with leaving LTE on is the battery drains like crazy. I can get two days normally. But the batch messages coming thru is very irritating! I got the update yesterday and now when certain people text me it comes thru as my watch #. I thought this was fixed. Also some texts come thru as hidden sender. I am highly disappointed to say the least. The Frontier never had these problems and I wish I would have kept it.

They lied. This was working a long time ago with these settings. It drains the battery.


I just got my Galaxy watch 1 weeks ago.

I am also having the same issue with duplicate texts coming through once my galaxy watch disconnects from Bluetooth & connects to LTE.  It is very frustrating.  I am happy with my watch other than this issue.  Sadly I may need to return the watch if I am unable to fix this issue.

When I was on Verizon, I had this issue and there was a setting within the Samsung gear app. But I can't find it anymore. But I can't imagine that it matters what carrier you have since it is a Samsung profit and app. Has anyone tried contacting Samsung?

I have the Galaxy watch lte and digits with t-mobile. I have had the duplicate text issue since i bought it in April 2019. i have read the whole thread and my questions is: do you recommend resetting watch and talking to samsung for set up or to t-mobile.  i would really appreciate any help. thank you.

you don't have to reset your watch. When I had Verizon with a galaxy watch, there was a setting that would prevent that from happening. But with T mobile there is no setting for it.  It only happens when you are out of range for the Bluetooth connection. If it doesn't happen a lot, I wouldn't worry about it. Just clear it when it is done downloading the duplicate messages. I just haven't had as chance to contact Samsung and ask them. But you could always message them and see what they say.

I have the Galaxy watch lte and digits with t-mobile. I have had the duplicate text issue since i bought it in April 2019. i have read the whole thread and my questions is: do you recommend resetting watch and talking to samsung for set up or to t-mobile.  i would really appreciate any help. thank you.

I'm guessing it is because on Bluetooth, the messages are simply being copied to the watch and not considered delivered to the watch so when you jump on to LTE, the network thinks it still needs to deliver the messages to the watch and so the watch starts downloading all the messages.

Hey guys.Same as ya'll I was irritated by the ANNOYING duplicate texts that drains my battery whenever I'm away from my phone. But, I think i figured out a way to help you guys if you haven't figured it out yet... I went on the Galaxy Wearable app on my phone and went on Notifications, tapped on Manage notifications and turned off the Messages. I've had it since yesterday afternoon and no vibrating on my wrists. My watch also lasts a bit longer too! I started off the day with 100% and it is now, 1:30 pm and its at 76%. Not to shabby! I hope this works out for you guys! ALOHA!





This seems to be an issue with SMS delivery over LTE.

LTE release the Radio Connection fast without completing acknowledging the SMS reception to SMS gateway.

This kept going on till SMS is marked delivered at SMS Gateway.

You can try it over 2G/3G and will never see this issue.

SMS over wifi or iMessage on iphone bypass using inbuilt SMS over LTE services so will not find this issue.

Please update the thread if you are able to try this.

Same issue will be seen on Mobile phones and you can experiment choosing 3G/2G

This issue is far from resolved. I asked for an ETA on a solution and they don't have one. In fact, I was told today that DIGITS folks don't consider this an "issue" at all since it doesn't do anything to the phone or watch. Their advice was to disconnect from BT once a day and let all the duplicate messages go ahead and come via LTE so you're not spammed by several days' worth. Not much of a fix when you consider you then have to go to the watch and re-delete all of the SMS you deleted earlier in the day. It's too bad, because beyond this I really like the watch, but this "not an issue" has me debating whether to keep it. And this "not an issue" affects the Active 2 as well. Bought my wife one last week when I bought my Galaxy. Same thing.

I found a process that resolved this issue on both my watch and my wife's watch.  We both have the Active 2 (but in different sizes).  I am a t-mobile fan but did find it frustrating that I was told several times that the receiving a duplicate notification for every text every time I switched from Bluetooth to cellular data was normal.  The process I will detail below fixed 2 issues for both my wife and I.  Hopefully it can help others.  We have S10e phones but I suspect this will work on any android phone.

First the problems:

1. Getting duplicate notification on the watch every time the watch connects to cellular network.

2. Both watches had a voicemail notification that could not be cleared.  (I was told that I would just need to ignore it)

Now the fix.  I have no idea if all of this is needed but I will describe the exact steps I took that fixed both issues.  I waited a week to ensure it really seemed fixed it on my watch and then did it with my wife's watch.  Both watches are fixed of these 2 issues.  It takes about 10-20 minutes assuming minimal call times.

1. Go to the Wear app on your phone.  Then choose "Mobile Networks".  The click the 3 dots and choose "Reset Mobile Networks" (your watch will reboot and will no longer have access to the t-mobile network.  You'll have to call T-mobile to restore network connectivity so do it when you have time to call t-mobile.)

2. Call t-mobile.  Ask to be connected to DIGITS support.  They will likely want to try other things but stick to the process.   Tell them you reset the network and you need to re-add it to your watch.  They will text you a code and you will follow the prompts to add a network in that same menu in the Wear app on the phone.  Once the watch is re-added to network it will reboot.

3. Now have them change your DIGITS plan to a regular phone plan.

4. The t-mobile employee will then need to call your WATCH number (not your cell number) and leave a voicemail.  Make sure they say at least a sentence as very short messages won't register.  You will get a notification on your watch that you have a voicemail.  Either click the link in the notification or dial 123 from your watch (not your phone).  You will have to set-up the voicemail.  Once setup you need to play the message the employee just left and hit 7 to delete.

5. Now have t-mobile change the watch line back to a DIGITS line.

That's it.  The voicemail notification should be gone and duplicate notifications should be fixed.  I suspect you don't need step 5 if you only have the duplicate notification issue but might be better to just do everything.  Like I said before, I am a t-mobile fan but it is frustrating to be told to just live with it or that the issue is how it is designed when it is clearly an issue with t-mobile.

T-mobile (if you read this) please clean-up this process into a useful KB and ensure all support staff is made aware that there is a fix.  You could even troubleshoot this and see what steps are and are not needed to make it more streamlined.

I have a theory on why this happened.  When we went to the local t-mobile store to get the watches they didn't have what we wanted in stock.  So they ordered them for us.  However, they wanted to activate the new lines for the watches in the store (I suspect that benefits them - which is fine).  So they activated the new watch lines to SIM cards they had in the store and told me when the watches arrived to come in and they would switch the lines to the SIM built into the watch.  I did just that.  I suspect something about having the lines initially activated to the SIM cards in-store and then changed to the watch SIMs caused the issue.  Perhaps that process was done incorrectly in my case or perhaps it needs fixed and then the issue would be resolved before it starts.

I never post to these things but have really enjoyed the watch so much more since fixing both issues and wanted to share.  T-mobile - there are numerous people in these forums who have just returned the watch had given up (and some that likely left t-mobile over it).  I'd take the time to get this fixed.


I have the same problem and it's very disheartening to hear this has been going on for over a year with no resolution. Tomorrow is the last day I can return the Active 2. Starting to think that maybe I should do it.

Thank you for this! I was finally able to get my husband and my Galaxy Watches connected to our network thanks to your Reply. We had a similar issue as yours in that we had to return to the store for our watches bc they didn't have the ones we wanted in stock. So it makes me think there was a misstep on the T-Mobile side when they set us up. I did try contacting support that same month but they were not helpful.

I followed your steps 1 and 2 to reset the mobile networks but deviated somewhat in step 2. The DIGITS operator told me to open the following on my watch:

Settings->Connections->Mobile Networks->Mobile Networks-> "Always On"

I have since toggled bluetooth on/off and it seems to have resolved the duplicate message issue. I wonder if the reset was necessary but I'm glad I did bc it forced someone in support to properly address the issue. 

I also requested a refund/credit for three months (out of six ugh) of payments for non-functional phone lines. I would encourage anyone else who has issues to do the same.

@magenta6231016 is this fix still working for you? I have about a week left to return my active watch. T-Mobile tech support claims it's a samsung problem. Samsung is clueless to the issue and doesn't want to address it either. I've read on a reddit feed that this sort of fix reverted back after a while, so curious to see if your fix is still holding true after about a month.

I have the same 2 issues, duplicate texts and the voicemail that won't go away.

This solved it for me! Thank you!!!

I have the same issue with my new Galaxy Watch 3. This issue with cached messages flooding the watch when disconnected from the phone did not occur on Verizon with the same watch. This is a solvable issue T-Mobile!

My concern is that having LTE set to be always on will drain the battery very quickly. 

My hope is that, since competitors to T-Mobile can correctly sync messages through their DIGITS equivalent, that T-Mobile will get this corrected ASAP.

Same issue here with the Galaxy Watch 3.  Getting run around from T-Mobile.  Telling me phone is bad, SIM is bad, reset the watch, blah blah blah.  Sent them this thread and they are totally ignoring it.  Ticket opened with engineering, closed saying no issues, now I had them reopen again.  I’ve sent them multiple examples, which they shouldn’t need because every text is duplicate.  Ridiculous!!!  

I’m having the same problem with my 3! Just switched from iphone and i never had these issues with the apple watch!

I’m having the same problem with my 3! Just switched from iphone and i never had these issues with the apple watch!

Yes.  I have Apple watch as well and no issue like this ever.  However, I’m not blaming Samsung as this appears to be a T-Mobile issue.  I’m asking T-Mobile to assign a higher level engineer to my ticket.  Clearly it’s not a problem with my phone, SIM, wifi, etc.  

Tired of all the dumb troubleshooting steps.  

ok, i think i fixed it...but who knows. I hit reset networks and hit upgrade instead of add a new line. So basically it wipes out the phone service provider and then you just reconnect it.


ok, i think i fixed it...but who knows. I hit reset networks and hit upgrade instead of add a new line. So basically it wipes out the phone service provider and then you just reconnect it.


You reset the mobile plan from the Samsung Wearables app?

Just started the process that way, then i reconnected it through my phone by hitting upgrade in the app.