phone won't ring calls go straight to voice mail

  • 9 February 2016
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My phone won't ring when calls are coming it goes straight to voice mail.

44 replies

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Have you tried restarting your device to see if this resolves the issues?


I have this problem too on my new phone. This article has 7K views so I'm guessing there are many people faced with this issue. Rebooting didn't fix my phone. It's like there's some default setting to reject calls or send them directly to voicemail. Still hunting for solution.

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Hey there!

Calls going to voicemail isn't a one size fits all situation and there are a number of things that can cause the problem! A reboot is the most common fix, but in the event it's still a problem (which it sounds like it is here for you), we suggest contacting a representative directly so we can look at your account!

There can be issues with SIM provisioning, a tower in your area, or there may be an incorrect call forward setup on your account. All these things and a number of other possibilities can be viewed by a rep when accessing your account! Community-2153


I am having same problem.

Even after contacting customer support!

I used to have a problem like this and it was because I did not setup voicemail at all. It would go to it even if it wasn't setup. If you go to voicemail for the first time, just setup with default message. Not sure if this is the case with you but usually that was my problem with phone going to voicemail without ringing. If you have voicemail setup, then I am not sure what it is.

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i have been having the same problem in the last month or so that calls made to my phone would go straight to voice mail and they do not show up in the call log. i would not have known if it was not my family who called and told me about it. It is happening randomly. Most times my phone is simply placed on a table. As an example. Tonight my daughter (TMobile also) called me.  Nothing rang and she didn't leave a voice mail. i only knew she called because i received whatsapp msg from my sister because my daughter called my sister looking for me.  I was actually in the same house as my daughter. When i went to her room, she called me to test and it came through. i have already called T-Mobile tech support and had a ticket opened. He did a few things with me on the phone. He was going to send someone to check on the tower nearby and a week later i have heard nothing and the problem is still there.

two rings to voice mail I need more rings. I did not change anything

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I've been having this problem for a year with calls not going through frequently. My mother also had the same problem and solved it by permanently disabling 4G data and using only 3G/GSM service.  I've had enough.  I'm switching to Verizon.

@65sparks did t-mobile resolve your problem, which i'm having also? I have open ticket, you would think support would look into this as I am not the only one with this issue!

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Hey there, are you referring to wanting more rings before VM picks up?  You may wish to try using a short code: Where you see "seconds" enter in the number of seconds you wish to delay the VM picking up the call (in intervals of 5, up to 30 seconds).


For example, if you want a 30 second delay, you would enter:


Give that a try and let us know if it works for you

I have tried that, my issue seems to only occur when I'm not on t-mobile network?

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That's very interesting! Now, are you referring to domestic roaming (where you are still in the US) or international roaming?  Do you know how many rings you get before voicemail picks up when you are not on the T-Mobile network?

Domestic roaming on CellularOne (3 rings) now my phone always prompts me that I have voice mail, which I don't? Real annoying!!

I resolved annoying prompts by disabling notifications on lock screen, but VM still kicks in after 2 or 3 rings?

Same here. I am having the similar issue regardless of which state I'm in. Mostly notice in my home area, but that's where I'm usually are.. I also called T and suggested to reboot my phone lol, asked them to check the towers, but I think that is more global problem 😥

I was also thinking to switch to 3G when I'm expecting a call, but that is just crazy.

So many customers are facing this problem and t-mobile is asking basic questions to buy time or not do anything. It's really pathetic.

I get calls sometimes and sometimes only voicemails.

T-mobile sucks.

I think when all customers decide to switch, then t-mobile will wake up but then it will be too late for them to take any action.

t-mobile customer service sucks big time, really pathetic.

I have the same problem.  Actually wife and I both do.  Often I call her - right to voicemail.  She has also missed 4 calls today from hospitals that we need to take.  Have good signal coverage.  I've called T-mobile, but no help.  We have very different phones (I have a blackberry 9900 and she has a Moto G6).  If we have to switch over to GSM to get reliable calls, then we will be dropping T-mobile.  Getting phone calls regarding medical situations is too important to be concerned about loyalty to a company.

Can you recommend another cell provider who can figure out this problem?  Wife and I both have it.  And it is random.  So rebooting isn't an option.  How would you know when to reboot?  Apparently got good signal strength.  Look at the number of complaints.  T-Mobile has a technical issue on their end.  It isn't the user or their devices.  Asking the users to play detective is not good.  We have better things to do.  I pay for a phone service, not a game.

I am having a similar problem where callers say they call but get hung up on after a few rings. This is interfering with medical care as well. Sounds like T-mobile has had this issue for a long time. If nothing can be done, I want out of my contract.

We have the same problem. Sometimes I don't even get a missed call in my phone log. Also have missing texts. Me (Motorola Z3), My wife (iPhone), my son (Google Pixel2) ALL have this problem. Mostly me though. Had many many calls with Tmobile but it is just getting worse, not better. What can I do to fix it?

Same problem here.   Called the help line and they just had me reboot the phone and of course it worked.  Next day I was waiting for a job interview call and it happened again.  Something is clearly wrong beyond just rebooting a phone


Same thing happened to me today and has happened before.  I had my phone right next to me and heard the voice message alert tone.  The phone never rang prior to that and there was no entry in the call log. I had three signal bars at that location.

So apparently, there is a feature in:

Settings > phone > silence unknown callers ... this even apparently is STRONGER than Do Not Disturb because even if the call was within 3 mins of each other, it still went to voicemail! Hope this helps and T-Mobile, you are welcome for solving this issue for some hopefully! And yes, T-Mobile can contract me for an IT Project Management role is needed. Thank you!

So apparently, there is a feature in:

Settings > phone > silence unknown callers ... this even apparently is STRONGER than Do Not Disturb because even if the call was within 3 mins of each other, it still went to voicemail! Hope this helps and T-Mobile, you are welcome for solving this issue for some hopefully! And yes, T-Mobile can contract me for an IT Project Management role is needed. Thank you!

I had the same problem on one of my lines for many months and Tmobile was unable to fix it. Finally I demanded a new phone number and the problem went away. Now another line (my sister) is getting the same problem consistently when I call that number. However if she calls me, I have no trouble calling her back. But that's good for a few hours at most and then once again my call goes straight to her voicemail. Now I notice I'm starting to get missed calls on my own line (main), no ring and no log but only a voicemail. Came close to having a real estate deal messed up because of that.