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Hi, I recently bought a Sprint branded LG V50 which works reasonably well on T-Mobile.  I found out that the phone will no longer work after Jan 2021 because Sprint/T-Mobile is not porting VoLTE and WiFi calling over to the device.  So much for the un-carrier. 

When I called Customer Service, I was told I have to buy a new phone.  I just bought this one.  I do not get why I should have to pay for another phone. Is anyone out there in a similar situation?  Is there a remedy?



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Update on my V50...apparently there was just a slowing of performance as it was updating apps for Android 11.  Has been back to same battery life and working flawlessly for the last couple of days.

I love this phone, and there's no competitor that I've found that has the same features I like, especially size, rear fingerprint, and 3.5mm jack, with the other specs and great camera.  It's a shame, in my opinion, that LG went so far astray in the size of the phones and taking away the extremely reliable rear fingerprint feature for their final Velvet and V60 models.

I still highly recommend this phone if these are the features important to you.  I did the manual apn setting when I set up the phone and have had no issues.  LTE, data, sms/mms all function perfectly.  Again, I have the Korean model world phone.  Can't speak to the Sprint or other unlocked models. 

Update after 3 days, V50 unlocked Korean version is an awesome phone, awesome features and is working perfectly so far on USA T-Mobile...calls, mms, social media, voLTE, etc. (excluding 5g capability).

So how is it actually working on VOLTE with TMobile? I can't get VOLTE with my Korean v50 at all.

You have to manually enter apn's as described previously in this thread, link is there for instructions.  I believe some software was sent directly from TMobile as well.  I suggest restarting and update software afterwards, if not already done. 

Answering from my LG V50 Korean world phone...still having no issues, data and text working over wifi and LTE no problem.  As pointed out it does show 3g when making a call directly on TMobile network, but voLTE is fine.  Remains to be seen in the coming months if calls on TMobile will become a problem as they upgrade their towers.  I'll update immediately if it ever becomes unusable.

Update 01/27/22:  Got a letter today from T-Mobile saying that my v50 will no longer work with the T-Mobile network as of July 1, 2022.  Bummer, as I still haven't found a replacement phone with the features I'd like from any other manufacturer.  Trying the Velvet now, not thrilled with it, but couldn't handle the size of the v60 at all.  Tried it twice, both times I went back to the v50 within a day.  Fingerprint on-screen is at best annoyingly unreliable on both of the newest LG phones, lack of headphone on newer flagships is my biggest hangup.  May go back to G8 or V40, which would be disappointing to have to do because of battery capacity and lower-grade cameras on both.  Either that or go with mid-level Samsung or other phones because I can get a physical finger print scanner and headphone jack.  I'm open to any suggestions.

I have 2x LG G8X phones that are going to be cut off soon unfortunately. They were great phones and had the dual screen case which really helped my disabled mom. They literally argued with me that the ONEPLUS Nord or Revvl 5g were "massive" upgrades. Ignoring 1/4th resolution, much lower pixel density, lcd vs oled, less ram, less storage. 1/10th the gpu power and literally 1ghz slower per core across 8 cores is a massive downgrade. They finally offered S20FE devices and they were ordered 24th of January and I've yet to get them 22nd of April.... So I feel you on the disappointment as I just want to keep the G8X phones. It's the same way I felt when I had my note 7 and loved everything about it besides the chance of a battery explosion. They swapped it out 2x times then kept lowering the max charge and I was still ok with keeping it as I never try and charge above 80% from the day I get a phone to prevent battery wear. Then they deactivated them and gave me a junk s7 edge that overheats within 60 seconds. But least with that samsung made it right in the end because I was able to trade in a much older s5 and get either 600 or the note 8 when it came out. But this time I won't get so lucky.  Your best bets is either paying extra to get a top end phone or take the s21fe, pixel 6 pro, or oneplus 9 pro as those are the best phones they offering now but they will act like they only have revvl 5g and the oneplus nord. 

Update...LG V50 is still working the same as before, no issues as of Today, July 3rd.  Tmo network data is LTE, however calls do drop to 3g (although supposedly Tmo has disabled it).  I suspect that it's possibly showing 3g, but actually connecting LTE.  Wifi voLTE is still working perfectly, as does data and text.

I did switch to the LG V60 a few weeks ago, in anticipation of the V50 being non-functional.  Decided to check today, and it didn't happen.  I'm going to continue to use my V50 until I either find an upgrade I actually want some day, or Tmo disables their network with this phone.  Will update again either way, and still love this phone.  V60 is a great device, but the size and unreliable in-screen fingerprint is a deal breaker, and I think LG made a big mistake with their final flagship not having face recognition.  Doesn't matter since they folded anyway.

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seeing as how your V50 has VoLTE it’ll continue to work..the VoLTE side keeps the calls going over LTE and not 3G...the problem is/was the phones that do not have VoLTE capabilities.

Update 8/31/22...I've gotten text and email notification that my LG V50 is no longer compatible because 3g has been shut down.  Phone continues to work fine whether on WiFi or TMO network for data, calls and text.  Phone says it drops to 3g when calling on TMO network, but I've had no connectivity issues at all.

Will update when/if phone ever does stop working.