Good signal/bars but no network connection many times daily

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It isn’t always ideal … it’ll give you service that can be more stable in weak areas, but throughput isn’t typically as good.  It may keep your device from hunting, eating battery, or going from usable to NoService where its really weak.


The interesting thing is my service with VoWiFi was also terrible, and now I’m able to make calls over WiFi too. Not sure what this actually does, but seems to be working well. 170 Mbps down, 31.9 Mbps up at home. Stable enough to use. Still hitting crazy high up and down a couple of blocks away too. 


Still, by now you think the network would be dynamic enough to always provide the best experience on the best bands based on connection. 

4 years after the original post, I'll go ahead and add that me and my mother have the same phones A32's, are on the same account and live next door to each other. Her phone is constantly going into no signal mode. The tiny bars icon that you need a magnifying glass to see and then an hour to find out what it means, has an X on it and no bars. She has a wifi connection from her ISP and therfore can surf the web and of course thinks everything must be fine. However she never gets txt messages or phone calls because she has no mobile data coming in. Have tried everything suggested here. The only thing that helps is a reboot. Then all the important txt messages come pouring in. You shouldn't have to reboot your phone every 30 mins in order to do the one thing a phone is supposed to do with absolutely everything else secondary. Aggravating to say the least.