OnePlus 8-5G Wifi Calling has no sound

  • 12 October 2020
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My new OnePlus 8-5G phone (TMobile in US) cannot consistently send/receive wifi calls. Once answered, there is no sound on the OnePlus 8-5G phone while the other end can hear OK. I’ve tried updating the phone’s software (it is up to date) and I have updated the firmware on my router (which works with wifi calling with other phones: iPhone 11, iphone8, Droid Turbo 2, Motorlla Razr MAXX). I also tried disabling any battery saving features on the device and even did a factory rest of it (with no apps installed). I have also tried rebooting the phone once I have connected to the wifi router. Phone has same issues on any wifi router I have connected to. browsing is fine, only wifi calling is a problem.

33 replies

Same, wifi calling not working on Oneplus8t+. Anyone with any update on resolving wifi-calling issue?

There was a previous response that ended up working for me:

The key for me was to turn off “Carrier video calling”.

In the Settings app, either search for “Carrier video calling” or navigate “Network & Internet” > “SIMs” > “Carrier video calling”.

I restarted my phone just to be sure, called someone and could hear them on the other end.

This problem has been bugging me for years on my Pixel 5.

I was having the same problem and got it to work by setting ‘Calling preference’ to ‘Cellular preferred’ (the option is in the same place an ‘Enable Wi-Fi Calling on my OnePlus Nord N20).

My guess is ‘Cellular preferred’ has the phone connect using cellular, then switches to the network.  So not much help if you don’t have cell service, but it helps me as my cellular is just weak, but good enough to connect.

My family has been experiencing this as well, across OnePlus and Samsung devices. I just found this link on a Reddit thread and many users have reported it correcting this issue for them. It involves opening firewall ports up at your router. The article is filed under “WiFi calling on a corporate network” so how would we find it, right? Wi-Fi Calling on a corporate network | T-Mobile Support

Summary of the article:


IPv4 Address Block:
Port: 500 / UDP    / IPsec - IKE : Authentication [WFC 2.0]
Port: 4500 / UDP / IPsec - NAT traversal : Encrypted voice traffic [WFC  2.0]
Port: 5061 / TCP + UDP / SIP/TLS : Encrypted SIP [WFC 1.0]

IPv4 Address Block:
Port: 443 / TCP    / HTTPS : Used for handset authentication [WFC 1.0]
Port: 993 / TCP    / IMAP/SSL : Visual Voicemail [WFC 1.0]

Also whitelist the CRL server for DIGITS OTT and WFC 1.0:

This is just ridiculous at this point. I work below ground and need wifi calling as my place of work has no TMobile coverage downstairs. One plus 8 5G, EVERYBODY is muted on ALL wifi calls until I turn off wifi calling.


This is my first and last phone with t mobile.

I just started having the same problem about 3 days ago. Has there been any progress on this issue?

Same, wifi calling not working on Oneplus8t+. Anyone with any update on resolving wifi-calling issue?

This has to be a T-Mobile issue.  I have a Motorola Razr 2020 and this just began happening to me a few days ago.  When I place or receive a call, I cannot hear the other party but they can hear me.  I can disconnect from WiFI while in the call and I can immediately hear the other party.


Very frustrating

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Going back through these posts… I had an LG G7 (Android 9?), LG Velvet (Android 10), Samsung A32 (Android 10), LG One Plus 8 (Android 10 → 11), and Samsung S21 (note: A32 was ‘freebie’ for spare line), Velvet and OnePlus 8 were exchanged due to various issues through T-Mobile. 

I haven’t had issues with WiFi calling on these, although I can’t say that I’ve used it much on Velvet/OP8 or Samsung.  I used it quite a bit on G7.  I’ll have a good chance to use it soon, as T-Mobile’s coverage is not quite usable in Cambria, CA, and may have to resort to it if I don’t want to have to walk a mile to make a call.

hey there,

an option that is usually enabled by default on my most home routers is something called


the location of this feature will vary according to which router you got but you wanna make sure this is disabled.

hopefully this will vastly improve your situation.  troubleshooting VoIP issues can be extremely difficult to isolate (hence t-mobile giving eryone the run around) but issues of one way audio, no audio and dropped calls can usually be blamed because SIP ALG is on.

g’luck and happy new year!


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Typical OnePlus.   upgrades breaking features.   as much as I liked the hardware and ui, OnePlus bugs ended up with me trading for a Samsung s21 after 10 months of broken features that they won't fix.

Same issue with One Plus 9. Is it the Android 11 update? All started with that 11/1/2021 update. Will try the work arounds suggested. very frustrating.

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OnePlus sends out upgrades often, but I agree on the Android 11 update, I'd be happy with my OnePlus 8, but they broke my Bluetooth vehicle connectivity… back in January, and still have yet to fix it.  I'm swapping this for a Samsung S21 while the $500 trade in exists.

Glad to hear it's not just me.

This problem is really frustrating. Hoping whoever is responsible will come out with a fix soon.

I have it especially bad, as I live in a basement with poor service so I rely on wifi calling…

I found that toggling wifi calling on and off sometimes helps but so far I don't see a pattern, it seems to be at random.


OnePlus 7 pro and 7T Pro user here, with the same problem since the Android 11 update. I sent OP with bug reports, nothing is happening.

Same issue, OnePlus 8T+

I have been on support calls with T-Mobile who always give me responses as defined in their process manual - to update 911 address. Don’t care if its an Android 11 issue, or a OnePlus Issue or a T-Mobile issue, someone just needs to fix this damn thing, because its started to affect my business now.

On a separate note, I am quite unhappy with my OnePlus 8T+ phone. Felt really good at the beginning, but the build quality on this phone is really poor and the phone just breaks so damn easily.

I’m having the same problem on my OnePlus Pro 9 5G. Just started about a week ago in mid-August 2021.

Same problem here with the OnePlus Nord N10 5G, purchased two weeks ago. With wi-fi calling on, I can not hear callers. With wi-fi calling off, calls are fine. 

Very disappointing since I was hoping to use this device on an upcoming international trip. I would have preferred voice calls at $.00 a minute over wi-fi vs. having to pay $.20 a minute. 


I have three OnePlus devices, an 8T, Nord and 6T. All three have the same problem, where callers cannot hear anything. In every case, turning off wifi calling fixes the issue. How is it possible this issue persists after being reported for months? If wifi calling doesn't work, or can't work, then just disable the feature! Problem is it seems to turn back on during some reboots or updates and you don't realize until you experience the problem again. It is the height of annoyance when your phone doesn't work as a phone.


Wifi calling hasn't worked on TMobile since before the latest update. I've had to turn off wifi calling on my last two devices. This is still an issue, but I don't think posting here makes a difference, because TMO isn't reading these posts. 


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While I haven't had this issue with my OP 8, I've filed tickets with OnePlus for others, and OP is not very helpful

Same issue here. OnePlus 8T5G running Android 11 as of April 2021. Not sure if this date coincides with when this issue began because I don't make voice calls often but definitely over the last month or so as I've been using voice calls more, so there could be a link there. I want to say this happens more than half the time. Usually I'll hear a ring tone but then when the person picks up I hear silence. I can confirm afterwards that the other person could hear me but I could not hear them. Have disabled Wi-Fi calling for now so let's see how it goes.

I have the exact same issue with my Samsung Galaxy Flip Z 5G. When making or receiving calls with Wifi Calling enabled, I sometimes get no audio from the earpiece. Only a hard reboot seems to fix the issue (or disabling Wifi Calling). I’m running Android 11, build # ends in CUC6. I’ve had this issue for at least all of 2021 and possibly since I got the phone in Fall 2020.

I just tried something that seemed to fix this on my Pixel 5:

I set Wi-Fi Calling to “Call over mobile network”, turned off “Carrier video calling”, turned on “Airplane Mode”, connected to the Wi-Fi and tried calling my voicemail. It worked, so I turned off “Airplane Mode” and it still works! The winning combo seems to be “Call over mobile network” and turning off “Carrier video calling”. Hope this helps someone else!

Is there a setting to fix the wifi calling issue introduced by Android 11 update? Could this be t-mo's implementation of WiFi calling?

Also the people at the t-mo store have never heard of this. The online support page didn't provide any answers. 


Same issue here my s21 is fine but with my wife's oneplus nord n10 she gets no sound when connected to a call using wifi calling.