hulu +live does not work in t-mobile internet

  • 8 November 2021
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My Hulu+live works with my cox internet but when I connect to my t-mobile home internet modem it will not work. Says I have moved and they can not provide service due to streaming rights.

29 replies

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I have had the same problem, I have to call Hulu everyday to switch ip address, go to  and you will get an ip number but is there a way to get a permanent ip address so this doesn’t have to call every single day or an app that has live tv that I don not have to have an up address

Since the T-Mobile Internet does not have static IPs, there isn’t a way to get a permanent IP address. You can use live streaming services that use geo-location instead of IP-location. One example is YouTube TV. You can also contact Hulu to see if they have a way to go off of your geo location instead of ip address. 

Hope this helps.

HULU has apparently mapped my T-Mobile Gateway-5G modem to my Zip Code so the 'Not At Home' messages associated w/ live TV have ceased!

Not long ago I learned that T-Mobile Business Group supplies a different modem, (made by Inseego and called WaveMaker) that operates with a STATIC ip address.

I set up a Business account primarily to switch to the Inseego modem and circumvent the T-Mobile Consumer Gateway-5G dynamic ip issue with HULU livestream TV!

After a GREAT DEAL of difficulty configuring the new modem, (with help from Inseego) I had the WaveMaker modem, feeding my DECO MESH router system that delivereda strong WiFi signal to the ROKU receiver on my Flat-screen!

"Lo!" I got a, "Network Error" message when trying to log into HULU.

My skilled Networking Engineer came by and thoroughly checked the WaveMaker-based static ip network to bee setup perfectly!

All we could come up with was Inseego's suggestion that T-Mobile Business had introduced 'Entertainment-Blocking' into the Business Service, itself! 🤷‍♂️

I'm back on the TMHI Gateway-5G dynamic modem, and very happy ... so far!



I was just on chat with Hulu for 2 hours to get one TV working (finally), but now the Samsung TV won’t connect. It seems I can’t connect my Samsung, I may have to return the router this weekend and cancel.

I'm jumping back in here relatively cold; but I'll give it a 'shot'..

Your TV may or may not have a 'built-in' HULU App to convert the WiFi signal from your router output which comes in from the T-Mobile modem, (which sits in your window).

I'm guessing your TV does not have an up-to-date internal APP to perform the transformation of the W.iFi to HDMI video.

You can purchase a ROKU device that will receive/detect the HULU WIFI signal which uses a short cable to plug into a TV's HDMI socket.

In short: Tower broadcasts T-mo RF beam; T-mo modem (it sits in your window) puts out cable-signal that feeds your Router; Router broadcasts WiFi signal through the air, all over your house; ROKU (or Apple Stick) device receives your personal WiFi beam from your router and turns it into a HDMI formated signal (like used to come out of DVD players) that.TVs understand.

Presto! Streaming Video!

I'm rusty; but doing my best trying to be helpful.