is anyone having network issues with galaxy z fold 3??

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after i updated my phone to android 12 my service got so dam bad i wish i dint do it my z fold 3 is slow and the service is patchy and im tired of talking to a rep it seems all i get is a reset your phone and that could help this a 1800 phone i might get rid of it and get the galaxy S22 ultra if this phone does not get any better

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And now they have shipped my device back. Should be receiving it in a day or so and I'll update anyone here who may still be wondering. 

Same here.

I should get mine back soon too. Lmk how it works out for you.


Been 36 hours so far and no issues. I lost connection only one time but I do alot of traveling so I'm used to it in certain areas. So I believe it was just my location. Other than that it's been great. Did a speed test this morning and clocked over 600mb down and 80up. Good enough for me. 


BUT I did have scratches on the screen protector that these phones come with when i got it back. That was disappointing but it was on the screen protector right in the middle of the fold 😕 but It didn't bother me much. Here's a Pic. 


I have had issues with this since February.  I finally got the work around *#2263# and everything was fine until an update this morning. Now my work around isn't fixing it. Tmobile can't help me, samsung can't help me, im so frustrated. Anyone else lost the work around trick?