Unable to connect Chamberlain garage door opener via 5g internet

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Working through multi vendor solution to enable MyQ app to successfully connect to Tmobile home internet.  After long trouble shooting with Tmobile and Chamberlain, determined port 8883 is closed and the myq server connection requires an open 8883 port.  Neither vendor is being responsive with a solution.  

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God you read my mind and issues please keep me posted if you get a resolution to this please! Just setup my new network tonight had all my TVs up and running in 20 minutes, spent 2 hours trouble shooting my opener and nothing!

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IMO, the change has to come from Chamberlain to have the MyQ server listen to open ports.  They will claim they use this port for security purposes.  Hardwired connections like ATT might be secure enough to have the port open, not so much with 5G internet using the cellular network.  I doubt T-Mobile will open the port (8883).  

The more complaints Chamberlain gets, the more likely they might take action.  Open a ticket with them.  I pointed out to the Chamberlain support tech that this issue will only grow in frequency and just marking it as a known issue wont make it go away.  

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I have spent hours on multiple calls to both T-Mobile and Chamberlain. Each points the finger at the other. No resolution yet! So frustrating to have a smart garage door opener that is not. 

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My opener has never connected to the myq server due to blocked port.  I have been on tmobile home internet for around two weeks.  

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Have same problem; just wrote to Chamberlain.

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Having the same issue. Both of my Chamberlain garage openers worked fine up till 36-48 hours ago and then became unreachable in the MyQ app.


I figured TMobile changed something, like a blocked port (i.e. 8883). 


To test this, I reconfigured the Garage openers to use my Verizon Hotspot and everything worked fine.

Looks like Tmobile added some filtering.


Please fix this or give us the ability allow exceptions on the router.

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My original gateway worked well with the Chamberlain door and MyQ app. It was when the T-Mobile gateway was replaced due to its buffering and freezing issues that it no longer connected. T-Mobile claims nothing changed between the gateways. Replacement was a refurbished unit, the same model.

This is an update to my original post. 

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I found a quick easy solution for this. I have an old netgear N300 extender when I used with Comcast router to provide full house coverage. Now with t-mobile home internet router I do not need that extender anymore for coverage. I setup this extender again to create a 2.4 GHZ network for my MyQ to connect to. It worked like a charm.This 30 dollars extender will do the trick. 

I’m having the same issue since switching to T-Mobile internet. MyQ will not connect. Everything I have works fine. Aside from myQ the internet is fantastic. 

I spoke to Chamberlain they blamed T-Mobile router settings… which we have very basic access everything advanced is locked down. 


Hi all.  I recently installed the T-Mobile 5G internet and ran into the same issue.  I discovered a work around for this issue.  I bought a ORBI91 router from Walmart.  I plugged it into the back of the T-Mobile device and was able to create another network.  The Chamberlain recognized the new ORBI network and is now working with MyQ.  I still have my TMobile network as well.  Maybe other routers will work as well.  I am not for sure.  The Orbi was the 1st one I bought.  As an additional bonus, when I have guests over and the want to join my network, I am going to give them the Orbi network and keep them off my personal network.  

Hey give it a shot.  Maybe it will work for you as well.

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Update***** I WAS FINALLY ABLE TO CONNECT!! No one ever called me back as promised by t mobile or Aladdin Genie…however I decided to try to connect my T Mobile device to my old router I used w the previous cable Internet provider (netgear brand). It took a couple tries but it finally connected under the router. Hopefully it continues to work. I hope this helps you fellow strugglers lol 

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First of all, I separated the 2.4 GHZ network from 5 GHZ network from t-mobile internet app (choose network you will see the option). All I did was to reset extender to factory default setting then I can use my laptop to connect to the extender network, and a simple configuration screen shown up. The very first step was to let me pick which WIFI network extender should connect to. I picked the 2.4 GHZ one from T-mobile home internet router. Then provided password for extender to connect. Now I have chance to pick a name for extended WIFI network. 

Now I have extender WIFI network created and be able to connect to through phone or laptop. 

I went to garage, reprogram the WIFI to connect to this extended network. Garage has no problem to connect to this network. Everything comes back green.

You might need to download a manual of your extender to find out how to reset to factory default settings and configure an extended network for use.

All MyQ needs is at configuration time to use port 8883 to connect to your router or extender to register. A router or extender works well for this purpose. But extender is cheaper and easier to place closer to garage. Mine just needs a power plug.

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Keep opening those tickets!:ok_hand:

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I am having the same issue with my smart garage. I don’t have the Chamberlain, but the Genie Aladdin. No issues connecting any of my other devices to T-mobile. My garage had no problem functioning off of the cable internet. Spent a great deal of time on the phone with both T-Mobile and Genie. Neither could figure it out. It says there is wifi available but it will not connect the device. The service is strong in the garage bc I did internet speed tests on my phone. The most frustrating thing about it was the gentleman I talked to from T Mobile had me reset my T- mobile box disconnecting EVERYTHING in my house from wifi to resolve the issue. It did nothing but cause a ton more work reconnecting everything that works. Waiting on calls back from both companies but after reading this I am starting to feel like this is an issue all around for those of us with smart garages. It needs to be resolved. I rely way to much on the functionality of the smart garage door with my kids. I tried to tell them what I was reading in the comments here but it was crickets on their end. They acted surprised. If anyone has any recommendations on how to resolve this I am all ears!! Already tried separating the combined networks. It did nothing but cause a hassle. Restarted devices/reset devices. I am at a loss. 

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Still having issues.

Configured one garage opener to use the HotSpot on my TMOBILE cell phone, the garage door works fine in MyQ app.

The other garage door thats on the TMOBILE home WiFi still doesn't work.


TCP 8883 is blocked either in, out or in both directions on the TMOBILE home router

There is actually a confirmed solution for this as I had exact same issue everyone else is complaining about.

You can't connect directly to the TMO router. It just won't work. 

I resolved this issue with a WiFi extender but you have to make sure it runs separate 5ghz and 2.4ghz networks. Mine was $50 on Amazon. Model shown at this link. 2022 WiFi Range Extender Signal Booster up to 5000sq.ft and 35 Devices, Internet Booster for Home, Wireless Internet Repeater and Signal Amplifier,4 Antennas 360° Full Coverage . Then when you go through the process to add the chamberlain opener don't connect directly you the TMO router but instead connect to the 2.4ghz network created by the extender. Boom. First attempt to connect worked. 



I had the older white box router and my MyQ garage door opener connected just fine. Then the router started acting up and the 2.4 networked gave out. I called tech support and they sent me the new grey router. Got all the smart devices in my house reconnected except the garage door opener. Called Chamberlin’s tech support and after walking me through the steps they said it’s the routers fault.

I have spent much time and research with trying to connect to MY Q/chamberlain garage door opener wifi AP since changing both my phone and internet to T Mobile.   My recent contact with a Chamberlain support person has me certain that the problem lies with security settings within the Gateway router. Reading these posts and following recommendations from both My Q and T Mobile support  , it seems most likely that it is an issue with Port 8883 being blocked.   I am unclear how to “unblock” port 8883. 

I was told by T Mobile that the Gateway settings cannot be changed as it is preset and a plug and play device.  All of my connected wifi devices are working EXCEPT the My Q app.  

Any updates on how to remedy this ?  Thanks so much!  

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i spent time with T-Mobile support last Wednesday.  The tech acknowledged that the Nokia router does not have port forwarding active at this time.  there are efforts in work to address this ‘feature’ which is causing MyQ to not connect.  No ETA on the ‘fix’.  

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Hum, over the weekend MyQ started working again as my opener connection indicator is solid green.  Still connected this morning.  I took no action with either the app nor the router.  

Finally it works.  I got TP-Link RE200 AC750 wifi extender on Amazon ($27). I setup only the 2.4g network on the extender, and after I set it up, went into the extender app and turned OFF the 5g network (as it had set itself up, even though I said skip during set up).  Still the garage door would not connect using the MyQ app on my phone.  So, I got out my ipad and downloaded the MyQ app (and yes, there are some differences between the phone and ipad versions).  Set my ipad to the 2.4 extender network.  I deleted the existing garage door opener in the MyQ app and started from scratch, adding it back in as a new opener.  Tada! it worked.  Hope this helps someone else. 

I had the TMHI Nokia Gateway and no issues with MyQ. Installed an TMHI Arcadian Gateway seven days ago and my MyQ devices no longer work. Tried talking to Chamberlain support but it was pretty useless (“T-Mobile is 5G, we require 2.4GHz”).


Looks like a WiFi Extender is the preferred solution, will go this route and hope one of the two vendors solve this issue in the near future.

I tried connecting a Netgear extender but it didn’t connect to my wifi network with the Gateway router. May I ask how you connected your extender?   


Use an external router. Configure your router to use the SSID of your T-Mobile gateway. Delete the SSIDs from your T-Mobile gateway. Establish a new SSID in your T-Mobile gateway. Your IT equipments should automatically connect to the new router. MyQ garage you setup as instructed by the MyQ app and it will only detect the 2.4ghz connection. My setup is an ac3600 nighthawk $25 from eBay. 1000x better than the T-Mobile. 

Just a follow-up to my previous post..

It looks like the Garage door opener can make a connection (to the outside world) via a WIRED connection on the T-Mobile gateway but not via the Wi-Fi put out by that gateway.

I say this because I can (ethernet) wire an access point to the T-M gateway, use a different SSID for the access point - and the opener connects fine through this access point.

(NOTE:  I used a NetGear Range Extender/Access Point configured as an access point).

Not a good long term solution, IMO - requires yet another device and a complicated set up.  T-Mobile needs to fix this issue with its gateway-WiFi.  Other service providers do not have this issue.  I may move to Verizon home internet soon.